Imaginative Play Scene: Rock Towers

The children and I are having so much fun with imaginative play scenes this holidays.  We recently created a Magical Play Space and Desert Island Play Scene and this time, we created a rock towers which are also ideal for a feature in the garden.

This is something that can be done anywhere there are rocks, for example, a creek, beach, bush walk, picnic spots or at home.  We have many rocks in our yard so we made some rock towers as a background for play.


Different sized rocks

— you can use a combination of natural and coloured or polished stones (collect or purchase)

Cement glue (if desired)


It takes a little trial and error to work out which rocks fit best but that is part of the fun. If an adult plans to glue the rocks together, wipe the rocks to clean first and then use cement glue to join.

imaginative play scene -- rock tower


Imaginative play scene -- rock towers

Add toys

imaginative play scene -- rock towers


Fun for:

  • Star Wars Play
  • Pirates (add a bucket of water for a sea & add boats)
  • Add as a garden feature
  • Add a pot of paper cut out flowers to create a fairy home
  • Draw road lines with chalk on concrete and add cars
  • Add to a play garden
  • Take child/ren on a quest to find different sized rocks.

This activity is suited to older children (supervised by an adult) who can play with rocks responsibility because the rocks are a potential hazard.

Permanent Feature

If you want to make permanent rock towers for a garden feature or play background (that aren’t prone to topple) an adult can glue the rocks together with cement glue in a ventilated area. This is ideal for a feature in a regular garden or a play garden (like our rock garden).

Tip: Make 5 or 6 towers of different heights and create your own rock garden feature. This can be used as a feature both inside and outside. They look fantastic!

Other Imaginative Play Scenes

imaginative play scene -- desert island -- step 3

Desert Island

play space -- fairy land

Fairy Land

imaginative play space -- rock garden

Rock Garden

imaginative play space -- tree house

Tree House

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