I Adore Pet Rocks

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I love pet rocks. A lot. Sure, I do the activity for the kids but I secretly want to make one for myself too.  They are easy to make and are really so adorable.  A pet rock can be given as a gift, made for best friends (one for each friend), used as a paper weight, placed on a shelf for decoration (make an entire family of pet rocks), as part of an imaginative play scene or to play with.


Google Eyes (or use a paint pen)

Craft Glue

Paint/Paint Pens/Pencils (optional)

Decoration items like a bow, wool for hair, material scraps (optional)

how to make a pet rock

How to make a pet rock

1. Find a rock you like.  Take notice of marks that can be used for a mouth/facial features.

2. Wipe the rock clean from any dirt or dust.

3. Decorate simply with google eyes, or any other way you like! Below are some materials you may like to work with:

  • Wool
  • Googly Eyes
  • String
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Paint
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter
  • Pencil
  • Paint pen

Love this rock family from Melissa Sweeney. Check out the one-eyed cutie on the right!

How to make a pet rock -- pet rock family

My daughter decorated her special rock with pencils.

how to make a pet or magical rock -- draw or paint

Love these painted rocks from Musical Al.

painting rocks -- musical al

Everybody Needs a Rock by Bryd Baylor, Pictures by Peter Parnall

I love finding books to go with the activities we do at home (when I can which is not all that often – ha!), and this book is on my top 10 favourite children’s books list.

Everybody-Needs-a-Rock by Byrd Baylor Peter Parnall

I absolutely recommend this book! The words have a special rhythm and are strangly compelling.

“Bend over. More. Even more. You may have to sit on the ground with your head almost touching the earth. You have to look a rock right in the eye.”

I adore, no, I am absolutely enchanted by the illustrations. Each time I look at the simple pictures, there is something more to see.

everybody needs a rock illustrations by Peter ParnallIf you buy one children’s picture book this year, make it this one. It’s quite hard to get in Australia but you can purchase it on Amazon.

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  1. Bonnie says

    I ADORE that picture book. Even as I read the line you quoted, I had goosebumps ALL OVER ME. Such fabulous words. You just want to do it!! And the illustrations … I’m a pet rock lover too. Have been forever.

      • says

        They are painted and outlined with black marker pen. Mind you they are very faded now. I’ve posted a pic of them up on twitter for you (@gardening4kids). From the left there is a grumpy man, a grandma and a cat. The poor cat is the one who is really suffering – you can’t really tell what it is lol!

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