Paper Candle

Christmas Craft: paper candle toilet roll

This is another awesome craft inspired by my daughter’s prep class.


CD Disc

Craft Glue


Toilet roll

Red paper

Yellow cellophane

Stickers, sequence to decorate


christmas craft -- how to make a paper candle toilet roll

1. Make a cut down the side of the toilet roll.

2. Roll the roll together to achieve the desired width of the candle. Leave a space on the inside for the flame. Tape to hold together.

3. Cut a piece of red paper to size and wrap around the rolled toilet roll.

4. Glue the rolled toilet roll on the the disc (shiny side up)

5. Glue on a piece of tinsel on the disc around the base of the candle.

6. Decoration with stickers, gems or drawing (optional)

7. Cut a small section of yellow, gold or red cellophane.

8. Fold into shape and glue into the inside of the candle.

Use for

  • Craft
  • Carols by Candlelight
  • Table decoration
  • School plays
  • Concert props

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  1. Peta Wright says

    Hi Kelly,
    We’re going to make these today, thanks for the idea! Just what we need to keep us busy for a day at home.
    Hope you’re having a lovely school holidays!

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