Mini Pine Cone Wreath

I went for a walk the other day. Yes, I have been known to wear pretty necklaces when I go for a walk.

Fitness for Mums -- walking

As I walked, I collected a few items in my hat. I love collecting things and then challenging myself to create something with the items.

pine cone collections on my walk

Below is one of the decorations the kids and I made with my collection.


Small pine cones or any other of a similar size (gems, buttons, pipecleaners, pebbles, pom poms, cellophane, paper scraps, sequence)

Craft Glue



Simply glue the pine cones on the curtain ring and attach ribbon to hang.


  • Napkin holders
  • Tree decoration
  • Above table decorations
  • Gift for teachers, grandparents friends
  • School holiday activity (go on a nature hunt to collect seed pods and then do the craft at home)

handmade Christmas decorations - pine cone craft -- pine cone wreath

pine cone wreath decoration -- handmade christmas tree decorations

handmade christmas tree decorations -- pine cone wreath

handmade decorations -- pine cone craft -- pine cone wreath

To see what I did with the green leaf prongs, click this picture:

handmade christmas tree decorations

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  1. mathew anderson says


    My mom used to make ornaments when we were younger with those same pinecones. Is there a chance you may know the name or type of tree they come from? any help would be appreciated.

    You can email me at ,


  2. says

    Hi Kelly,
    good to hear from you!
    This looks like a Casuarina species to me. Just google Casuarina to see the wiki entry and have quick look at it.
    Have a great festive season!

  3. Mathew says


    Thank you so much for your response. Now I know what to look for to make these ornaments with my daughter =).

    Thank you aswell Sophie, I wish you both a very blessed and happy holiday.


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