Love the Moment Challenge December: All About Christmas

I have done a Love the Moment Challenge every month this year! You can check them all out here: Love the Moment. This month’s challenge is all about Christmas, and our family will be following a Christmas Advent Calendar.

Christmas Madness

I love the Christmas month. However, I have to admit things are pretty mad here. There are breakups every where I look, and I have so much to do before Christmas Day! Why, oh why then, do I dive into projects with little, or no preparation?  It an odd mystery, but perhaps it’s because I love the challenge of thinking outside the box.  There are plenty of disasters, I can tell you, but there are also rare moments of brilliance. Alas, making a Gingerbread House WAS NOT one of my brilliant moments. However, I’m pleased to announce — after making an epic mess — we have a house!

{I carefully positioned the camera to hide many of the dodgy bits — HA!}

making a gingerbread house is very hard

Tree is up!

In other Christmas news, our tree is up! I would love to see all your trees too, so feel free to post a picture of your Christmas Tree on my facebook page.

putting up the christmas tree

December Love the Moment Challenge

For this month’s challenge, I’m following along with the Christmas Advent Calendar each day.  Click the picture below to find out more.

christmas advent calendar

Christmas Craft

You will find all the craft listed on this blog on the one page: Christmas Crafts. I have more Christmas craft ideas to share next week.

christmas craft ideas

What does December look like for you?

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