Leaf Art

I like having ideas in my head to keep the kids occupied when we are out and about. One of the things we like to do is to make leaf faces.  Here is one we made at a local park. It’s made of a gum leaf, gum nuts and a wild flower/weed.

nature crafts -- leaf face

Leaf Faces

Using the same concept, we created our own leaf faces with items from our garden. The Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi) leaves are fun because you can make a perfect fingernail slice shape for the eyes and mouth. A small stick is a great tool for piercing leaves too. Any leaf can be used, just look for a shape you like.  We added a little seeds for the nose and a flower to decorate.

nature crafts -- leaf faces

Leaf Drawing


Craft glue

A4 Cardboard (for best results) or paper

Drawing materials

Leaf Faces

My daughter (8) used the leaves as heads and drew the rest of the body. I just LOVE her drawing!

Three Friends

leaf art drawing

The other siblings wanted to join in once they saw her picture.  Here is Miss 5’s drawing (almost 6).

Mum and Me

leaf art drawing -- mum and me

Miss 10 is into dragons so created this picture.


leaf art -- dragon

Even son (4) gave it a go.


Leaf picture

I have these pictures stuck all around my kitchen.

Nature Collage


Craft glue

A4 Carboard (for best results) or paper

Drawing materials

A collection of nature collage materials

You don’t have to stop at leaves; sticks, twigs, clay, flowers and anything else you can find can make for a wonderful collage pictures.

A Tree

nature collage

Love this one from Musical Al’s son.

Nature Art

nature collage art

Leaf Tracing


Different shaped leaves



A common activity for kids is to trace the pattern of a leaf by placing the leaf under some paper and rubbing the side of a crayon over the paper to create a patter.

Leaf Tracing

how to trace a pattern of a leaf on to paper

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    Love your kids’ art work Kell! Thanks for sharing my son’s handiwork too! It’s brought back some great memories from an interesting year for us. xx

    • says

      When I was putting this post together I remembered you sharing one of the pics in the Love the Moment challenges. SOOO creative and very clever really. I love it! x

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