Chocolate Case Tree Decoration

I’m sure you saw chocolate in the title and thought of this, right?

chocolate cases truffle

Sorry to disappoint, but this Christmas Tree decoration only requires the use of the non-chocolate part of the picture. Shame! The Chocolate Case Tree Decoration is easy to make and the finished product looks somewhere between elegant and funky.  I enjoyed putting the pictured decorations together, and the kids joined in too.

{I was inspired to make these Christmas Tree decorations when I saw a similar craft in my daughter's prep classroom.}

truffle cup handmade christmas decorations colours


Chocolate cases (or metallic mini cupcake cases)

Note: You can use regular mini cupcake cases instead

Craft wire (or for young children, use a pipe-cleaner)

Beads (large beads work best)



truffle cup handmade christmas decoration

1. Cut a length of craft wire approximately 15 cm long.  Using the the pliers, make a small circle at one end and twist the excess wire around itself to ensure the beads don't fall off.

2. Thread on a few beads.

3. Thread on a truffle cup.

4. Repeat until you have three truffle cups on the wire.

5. To end, use the pliers to bend the wire into a loop.  Twist the excess wire over itself to fasten in place.

6. Tie a piece of ribbon (or use a paperclip) to hang on the tree. Pretty!

{I enjoyed making these decorations myself, and the kids joined in too.}

truffle cup handmade christmas decoration making

A group of these decorations look adorable! In fact, you could easily decorate an entire Christmas Tree with them.

truffle cup handmade christmas decoration

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