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Our family enjoys using technology as a tool in our lives. You’ll find my iPad in the kitchen as I follow a recipe for dinner, Dad’s smart phone helps him keep up to date for his work and my older girls enjoy using their own technological devices for enjoyment and learning. When I opened the Vtech Storio with my 4 year old son, his eyes lit up. “Is this for me? Like my own iPad?” he said. His body language in this picture says it all.

vtech storio review

There is some negativity surrounding technology for kids but our entire family enjoys technology and we use it as a tool in balance with many other learning options. For example, my son loves books about the ocean, and we often look through the DK Splash book about ocean life together. So I downloaded the Storio Oceans of Wonder eBook and it enhanced his learning experience.

vtech storio review

Some of the options I love about Storio

Art Studio

My three girls all love drawing. I often encourage my son to join them in this activity but he isn’t interested so I’ve been looking for other options to aid his fine motor skill development. One of the fun options on Storio is the art studio feature. I showed my son how to use it and then he easily recreated the picture using the stylus like a pen.

vtech storio review artwork

Reading eBooks

You can purchase story cartridges for the Storio, including Disney Toy Story 3, Disney Princess, Disney Cars, Disney Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo. We have the Cars 2 story cartridge and my son loves it. However, you don’t need the cartridges to enjoy the Storio to its full capacity. You can download eBooks directly on to an SD card (all done online) without the need to purchase additional cartridges. I love this option because I can tailor the Storio to my son’s current interests and what we are learning around the home.

vtech storio review ebook


I believe literacy learning should be in everything we do! We talk about colours, letters, numbers and words as we cook, as we drive, as we shop and as we live life. The Storio will be a fantastic tool in addition to the other methods of learning we use. My son already recognises many of the words repeated in the Storio menus so I’m impressed with this wonderful start.

See it in action

Want to see the Storio in action? Here’s a quick video of how our family enjoyed using it in our home.


• At home
• Travelling
• Out and about
• On holidays
• Child can use independently and with parents and siblings.

About Storio

VTech Storio is the first fully interactive, animated E-book reader for children. Storio brings reading to life!

Children from 3yrs+ can watch their favourite character story and read along, learning new words and spellings with the dictionary feature as well as developing story comprehension.

Children can also play word and number games and parents can use the online reading record and progress tracker to track their child’s development.

There’s even an SD card reader so you can upload photos and videos and an Art Studio feature that allows your child to learn to write and encourages creative play.

VTech Storio is available in all good toy stores now, and includes either a Disney Cars 2 or Dora the Explorer story cartridge. Additional story cartridges are available separately to add to your child’s learning library, including Disney Toy Story 3, Disney Princess, Disney Cars Toon, Disney Mickey Mouse and Scooby Doo.

Read more about the Storio features here: Vtech Storio Interactive E-Reading System


If you would like a Storio for your budding reading, I’m giving one away on the blog. It would make a wonderful Christmas present. To enter, leave a comment below.


1. Open from Monday 21 November to 28 November 2011   2. Australian residents only.  3. Winner will be notified by email. If no response is received withing 48 hours, the prize will be redrawn. 4. Nuffnang’s full Terms & Conditions.


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  1. Kaahja says

    I have heard of these. My family livess across the other side of the country and its very expensive to fly so my partner rarely comes which leaves me flying two flights with a little one on my own. very stressful at times (even putting me in tears). This would be fantastic for my son. A fun stimulating gadget, that even mummy will enjoy. Im all for technology in moderation. The whole world is heading this way so we may as well get our children familiar with it.

  2. Emily D says

    Storio sounds like a great way to introduce little ones to the big wide world of technology they will face through their life.

  3. Tracy Rock says

    A Storio for Christmas
    I’d be the ‘amazingest’ mum
    Stories, an art studio
    Reading is fun!
    Our creative little fella,
    All his dreams come true!
    ‘Hands off mummy’s phone’
    Wow, id love it too!

  4. Laura says

    Wow thanks for Sharing. My 3 yo is always asking to use the iPad, Mummy can I play MY games now? Something that us age appropriate,helps them learn, and they are not going to break if they drop it? Fantastic.

  5. Jade D says

    Fantastic….This Storio looks great!! I love the idea of the art stuido, Looks like it has great features and very educational, this would be perfect for my daughter who is starting prep next year.
    The storio looks easy to use, and how great to be able to download to an SD card.

    I really want one now, such a great chistmas gift. Will definitely be needing one in this house!

  6. says

    These are fantastic. I had looked into getting my little man an ereader but this looks like a much better option. Thanks you for having this comp and giving us the opportunity to win.

    I’m can think of 2 little treasurers who would love this.

  7. Josie says

    I have been eyeing these off for a while! I would LOVE one to help keep my 4 year old entertained pre-6am on the weekend so my hubby and I can have a sleep in! At the moment I get up and put on a cd book for her and once I am up it is hard to doze back off! She loves books more than TV! I would love to help her jump into prep next year with a little help from Vtech

  8. Tracey Millman says

    We also love technology in our house. Both my girls have our old phones with learning apps on them (and a few games). The Storio looks awesome!

  9. Venny Sarmiento says

    Wow!! The Storio looks fantastic! My son has just turned four and has enjoyed using Reading Eggs on our computer this year. This is now getting a bit tricky for him but he has pretty much learnt most of the letters and sounds through it. I’ve been looking for something else interactive to hold his interest in learning. He LOVES books so Storio looks perfect – and it might encourage Miss 2 to become more interested in books and technology too!!! Thanks for the info!

  10. Jo says

    I’ve not heard of the Storio before. I have FOUR kids UNDER FOUR who all enjoy reading. I think competition or not I might have to go check this one out!!!!

  11. jane says

    Thanks for your info. Im going to get one for my daughter now-I thought it was just a glorified bookreader for those of us too time poor or lazy to sit and read with our kids, but given the art appeal as well as the ability to download books other then disney, I think it is excellent. How easy is the book download and how do you do it?

  12. TokyoJoe says

    Hi, thanks for your blog. I just received one of these for my kids as a present. can you let me know the link for downloads in Australia?

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