Love the Moment Challenge November: A Simple Greeting

This last week, I changed the way I greet my family.

When I see my kids after school;

When my son comes in after playing outside;

When my husband walks through the door after work;

I put on a HUGE smile and say an exuberant, “Hi!”

A bit like this dorky cartoon. HA!

smile and say hi

This my Love the Moment Challenge for this month: To show that I’m happy to see the ones I love the most by putting more effort into how I greet them. Some days it comes naturally, and some days I have to apply myself to remember. However, the result is the same: I get a big smile in return and I enjoy it! Little things, they are big things.

Anyone want to join me?

Say Hi with a Big Smile for all of November?

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  1. Jennifer Ebbage says

    me too. thanks for the reminder, some days I just feel like an old fossil dinosaur and a grumpy one too! (in fact maybe that is most days). Particularly will do this when my hubby comes home from work… poor man usually thinks I’ve had a rotten day!

    Again u inspire! thanks Kelly.

  2. says

    It always lightens the mood, even when the day has been rough. I find in my work where I am just giving and usually getting abused beyond life, to bring home that gloom creates gloom. So instead I smile and we have big hugs and I tell them how much I love them and something great about them. I tell them about my day in a light and kind way and it doesn’t seem so bad….until the next day! hehe

    Love your posts and saw a fabulous floral dress today and thought of you!

  3. Bonnie says

    I’m in! But on the 28th Nov, it will be a huge effort after 18 hours on a plane in cattle class with three children!!

  4. says

    I love this. I read once that it’s important as mom’s to remember to have our face show the joy we feel in our hearts when we see our children. They can’t see our heart but they can see our face :)

  5. says

    Nothing like a great big HI! In our family, we make a game of welcoming hubby home from work each night … Miss 15 & I race for the front door to be the first to get cuddles!!!

  6. Micaela says

    This reminds me of an Oprah interview with a very wise older woman (I forget her name sorry) Among other things she said that as mums sometimes when our child/children walk in our first reaction is to check them over n fix whatever’s wrong with them.. wipe their face, fix their clothes, smooth their hair etc.. She said that 1 things shes learnt in her life is to show her children the joy n love she feels for them when she first sees them… the other things can wait. :)

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