Be Anchored by the Big Picture; Live in the Moment

I don’t want moments  to fly by with without me noticing them. That’s what the Love the Moment Challenges are all about.  I’ve seen life change very quickly, and so moments are all we all have really.  I would love our family to be free to embrace moments but are neither controlled by them or in contrast, trapped by the big picture.

I’ve been thinking about moments recently, and I see three main ways they can play out in our family life; I’m striving for number 3. Yes, I’m writing an entire post about moments. HA!

1. Big Picture Controls the Moments

I don’t want our family to be narrow minded and confined so much by the big picture, that moments are trapped, and pre -determined in a way.

live in the moment

2. Big Picture is defined by the moments

Neither do I want moments to rule our life so moments are blurred as they funnel  into something of a big picture. To me, this means many of the moments get lost.

living in the moment

3. Moments are anchored by the big picture

Below is how I see the moments play out in our family life. They are anchored by faith, value, love and what we believe for our family. There is still freedom of movement but there is no risk the moments will be lost. The moments are both their own entity and part of a larger in the moment

I think way too much, don’t I? I know, I know. My mind is always whirring with images and concepts and I love putting it all together to make sense of it all. For me, it’s like the creative process: you start with everything , explore it and slowly it all becomes clear.

Be Anchored by the Big Picture; Live in the Moment


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Kelly loves life at both ends of the spectrum: wearing high heel shoes one day and hiking boots the next; sipping tea out of a pretty cup and slurping hot coffee from a camping mug; challenging herself physically and stopping for quiet unhurried moments to feel the wind on her face. Kelly and her husband Matthew seek to live a fun and adventurous life with their four children and pet bird.

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  1. says

    Is there such a thing as thinking too much? I don’t believe so. I think the process you’re sharing with us is a wonderful one – the more we explore and reflect, the clearer things become.

    Random thought: wouldn’t those pics make perfect tiles for your home!

  2. Bonnie says

    Reflection and evaluation are very powerful tools. I give 6 points to kids in my class if they can evaluate!!

    You have a gift to communicate, Kelly! I’m very glad you share it.

  3. says

    Kelly your Love the Moment Challenges are my favourite part of your blog!
    So true that the moments can be swallowed up by the big picture, or the big picture won’t ever happen because you are too busy with small moments – this is how it makes sense to me.
    Love it!

  4. Erin says

    Love this post! For some reason I missed it when you originally posted, but I just found it. I love the way you conceptualise things into a visual format.

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