Christmas Craft: Sock Snowman

I’m welcoming Janice from Learning 4 Kids back to the blog today. Janice’s previous post for Be A Fun Mum was titled Do Boys and Girls Play Differently?  Janice has been working hard on a free Christmas eBook filled with a huge range of easy crafts to do with kids.  The eBook is now live and it’s fabulous! All the activities are doable, fun and inexpensive. This adorable Sock Snowman (pictured below) is one of the many wonderful Christmas activities included.

 Sock Snowman

{this craft makes me smile}

christmas craft -- sock snowman

Looking for some craft ideas to do with the kids this Christmas that can be thrown together using bits and pieces you’ll find around the house?  A Sock Snowman is so simple and fun and the kids will enjoy creating their own little character.

This is just one example of what you can use and do to make a sock Snowman.  The different ideas and craft materials are endless; the rest is left up to the imagination!

You will need:

Old white sock

Stuffing from an old pillow

Green streamers & large red patty pan

6 buttons

Twigs from the garden

Orange pipe cleaner cut to size, 4cms

Black marker pen & an elastic band

Kids PVA craft glue


  1. Fill the sock with stuffing from an old pillow and separate body and head using an elastic band.  Any remaining sock can be folded at the back and held in place with elastic band.
  2. Cut two small holes into the sock for the twigs and one for the nose.  Thread the twigs and pipe cleaner into place.
  3. Wrap a length of streamer around the neck (elastic band) and gently tie a knot.
  4. Draw on the dots for a mouth.
  5. Glue on the buttons for eyes and down the front of the snowman.  Place the patty pan on top for a hat.

 Other Ideas

  • I love to use my kids old clothes when doing craft activities.  You can recycle buttons and cut up the fabric for a scarf, hat or create other clothing on the Sock Snowman.
  • Cut off the end of a small carrot for the nose.
  • Collect small stones or gravel to create the mouth.
  • Create a diorama home for the Sock Snowman: Decorate a box with cotton wool balls and twigs sprinkled with cotton wool snow.

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Christmas Craft -- Fun Christmas Activities eBookJanice has just released a FREE Christmas Activities 4 Kids eBook; 35 pages of crafts, recipes and printables.  The purpose of the eBook is to provide simple, easy, low cost activities to entertain the kids with this festive season.

To get your very own free copy click here: Fun Christmas Activities 4 Kids eBook

About Janice

Janice is a stay at home Mum of three kids and a Primary School Teacher.  She is very passionate about learning and teaching and absolutely loves playing with her kids.  When she became a mum, she found that her teacher brain never switched off and was creating and developing new playtime activities all the time.  Learning 4 Kids focuses on the importance of learning through play and provides numerous fun activities for families.

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