Christmas Craft: Paper Plate Christmas Angel

The Paper Plate Angel  is one of the easiest Christmas crafts you’ll find. It can be hung as a decoration around the house or placed directly on the Christmas tree branch.

paper plate angel template -

What you need:

Paper Plate

Paper Plate Christmas Angel Template




Decorating materials:

1. Print

Print Paper Plate Angel template (PDF) here: Christmas craft — Paper Plate Christmas Angel


Christmas craft -- paper plate christmas angel template free

2. Cut

Cut around the template (solid line). Cut down the dotted lines leaving the paper in place.

Christmas Craft: Paper Plate Angel

3. Trace

Trace the template on the paper plate, including the inserts where the dotted lines were.

Christmas Craft -- Paper Plate Angel

4. Cut

Cut out the template.

Christmas Craft: Paper Plate Angel

5. Bend

Bend the arms down to look like this.

Christmas Craft: Paper Plate Angel

6. Fold & Staple

Fold the skirt of the Angel and staple (or tape) at the back.

Christmas Craft: Paper Plate Angel

7. Decorate

Decorate with tulle, organza, stickers, felt pens, sequence, diamontees, glitter, paint, paper doily, lace or anything else you can think of!  Punch a hole to hang or place directly on the Christmas Tree branch.

Christmas Craft -- Paper Plate Angel

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