Australian Road Trip 2011

We did our first full on road trip this year. We covered over 3, 400 kilometers over a two week period! Best family holiday we’ve had yet. Below is a map of our travels.  I’ll be updating this page with many other links and tips for driving holidays so come visit again soon.

{click picture to enlarge}

australian road trip map

{Australian road trip in pictures}

australian road trip map pictures

L to R:

1. Brisbane, QLD

2. Coffs Harbour, NSW

3. Fredos Pies, Frederickton, NSW

4. Sydney, NSW

5. Moruya, NSW

6. Mogo Zoo, Mogo, NSW

7. Broulee, NSW

8.  Hanging Mountain, Wamban, NSW

9. Bodalla, NSW

10. Nerrigundah Gold Mine, Nerrigundah, NSW

11. Central Tilba, NSW

12. Mystery Bay, NSW

13. Bega, NSW

14. Snowy Mountains, NSW

15. Telstra Tower, Canberra, ACT

16. The Royal Australian Mint, Canberra, ACT

17. Australian War Memorial Museum, Canberra, ACT

18. The Dish, Parkes, NSW

19. Warrumbungle Observatory, NSW

20. Gunnedah, NSW

21. Bald Rock National Park, NSW

22. Stanthorpe, QLD

23. Toowoomba, QLD

24. Brisbane, QLD

Favourites Places

I loved every place we visited but there were a few highlights for me.


Moruya is not a big town but it served as a great base point that enabled us to do day trips to places like Broulee, Central Tilba, Mystery Bay, Hanging Mountain, Mogo Zoo and Nerrigundah Gold Mine.

{Moruya sunset}

australian road trip Moruya NSW

Central Tilba

I adored Central Tilba. It was a quite little place, with a village feel and a street full of cute shops. Central Tilba is tucked up between mountainous terrain, yet only 10 minutes from the beach, so for me, it holds every charm possible.

{Central Tilba: Image from here)

central tilba After the rain

The Snowy Mountains

We only spent one day in the snow, but what a blast! Such a unique experience for us Queensanders! We didn’t ski but we did toboggan and make snowmen on the snow play area (which is free).

{Perisher Blue, Snowy Mountains}

australian road trip -- snow moutains

Canberra — Black Mountain (Telstra) Tower

I wish we could have explored Canberra a little more. There are a lot of interesting things to do and museums to see. We had fun at the Black Mountain (Telstra) Tower. It was really windy and the kids had a blast. Lovely views.

{windy at the Black Mountain Tower, Canberra}

australian road trip -- black mountain tower telstra

Warrumbungle Observatory

Peter Starr (very appropriate last name) runs a small observatory called Warrumbungle Observatory. He was FANTASIC! What we saw through the telescope lens was astounding!  I’m saying to everyone who reads this: put this on your things to do.  Such an amazing experience!  Peter even let us attach our camera to the telescope so we could get the pictures below. It turned out to be a very affordable night-time activity to do with the children.

{Eta Carinae}

Eta Carinae as seen at the Warrumbungle Observatory 21 July 2011

{Omega Centauri}

Omega Centauri as seen at Warrumbungle Observatory July 2011

{The Jewel Box}

The Jewel Box as taken at Warrumbungle Observatory 21 July 2011

We spent so much time together, in the car and out and about.  We came home closer, and are even more determined to invest in our family unit as we have adventures together. Can’t wait for our next driving holiday.

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  1. says

    hehe love the windy photos! How amazing the galaxy photos! How nice to let you take pics!
    Your holiday looks amazing! Yes Australia is so beautiful! I love travelling to new places.
    We are driving from Adelaide to Sydney and are going to go a different route this time through Ballarat. I can’t wait to explore new places!
    Look forward to seeing your next post!

  2. says

    What a great trip – it is great to get out and about and I dont know why more people don’t do more road trips. We did the Warraumbungle Observtory a few years ago – it truely is fantastic – will do it again for sure. Did you stop and see the Dinosaurs in the town centre?

  3. says

    looks like a lot of fun! I love road trips! We have done a few small road trips as a family and always have a ball and I cannot wait until my two year old snaps out of her ‘i hate the car’ thing she has happening so we can do a long one! I love exploring our beautiful country!

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