Christmas: Wrapping Paper

It’s September so I’m beginning to think about Christmas! This year, instead of buying traditional Christmas paper, I’m going for a minialist look.

Christmas Wrapping Paper

I love the simplicity of this look and it’s cost effective too.  I also find brown paper sturdy so it doesn’t rip easy when wrapping toys or boxes with sharp edges.

What you need

  • Brown Kraft Paper — You can get Kraft paper from Officeworks from $0.17 a metre (depending on the size of the roll you want). I use brown paper for many things around the home. You can read this post for more ideas.
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Shipping tags or gifts tags — I love the simple look of the cream shipping tags. You can buy them for as little as $0.04 (depending on how many you buy). You can purchase them from Newsagents and Officeworks.
  • Star Stickers
  • Divine Twine (or other twine) — I love Divine Twine. It’s 100% cotton, bio-degradable, earth-friendly and comes in the most delicious colours. Each spool has 220 metres.
  • Pen

christmas wrapping paper materials


I decorated the tags with a star sticker but there are a lot of other ways you can decorate brown paper.

  • Get children to paint the paper
  • Make a potato star stamp to decorate the tag and/or paper
  • If you’re a scrapbooker, make your own tags
  • Decorate with a Christmas tree stamp
  • Put red and green finger paint dots all over the paper
  • Draw on the paper with felt pens or crayons
  • Put stickers over the paper. Star stickers are so cheap so the kids can go crazy with them.

Christmas Wrapping paper simple

How to Wrap a Present

I know everyone probably knows how to wrap a present but I love keep a record of these things as a way to teach my children. This is how I wrap a present.

Shoe Tape Dispenser Cuteness

I adore this Scotch Magic Tape Shoe Dispenser!  It’s a wonderful present Christmas gift idea too.  I’ve wrappped two of these and I’ll give them away to the first two people who comment on this post.  I’m getting into the Christmas giving mood already!

I found the tape dispenser at a Newsagent but Officeworks sells them too.

Scotch shoe tape dispenser

To see pictures of the entire range of Christmas Crafts on this blog, click here: Christmas Crafts.

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  1. Cathy White says

    I just love the brown paper minimalistic look – it’s so easy to make it personal to the person you are gifting to <3

  2. Cathy White says

    Thank you so much! And thank you for letting me know where to get the brown paper from! I never thought to look there, yay! :-)

  3. Trish says

    When i used to work for Aust Post i used to love the brown paper packages all wrapped up in string id call them the “Grandma Packages” I think this idea is just gorgeous and i was going to suggest u could stamp the paper with a cut potato into a christmas shape but u had already suggested that !

  4. Bek says

    Love it. They look wonderful. May also jump on the band-wagon and take up this idea, also! Kids’ll get a kick out of decorating it themselves. I often get them to hand-paint on paper in Christmas colours etc too. I’ve decided this year that most of the toys etc are going to be removed from their packagings before wrapping, unless it’s going to pose serious wrapping issues. Tired of toys taking 5 minutes a pop to remove (with kitchen scissors even) from the packet and the poor kids having to wait to be able to play with their new gifts!

  5. says

    I did this last year … but with ribbon that I had not used!
    The kids loved finding their packages meant for them, and all my friends commented on how it was a perfect look for a crafter like me =)

  6. says

    I have just fallen in love with brown paper and was going to use half n half for chrissy its so gorgeous and i love you can personalise it!
    Im going for a bit more of a homemade christmas this year

  7. says

    Now I need to make a trip to Officeworks (it’s almost like my version of Disneyland!) to stock up before Chrissy. I’m all over present organisation (thank you Christmas lay-bys!) but had only just started to think about the wrapping, which is my most favourite part!

    I like to colour match/compliment our tree decorations, which are silver and blue, so I’m hoping I can get some twine in a complimentary or matching colour :)


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