10 School Holiday Activities

10 School Holiday Activities

Guest Post By Julie Vigor

1. Dancing

Organise a disco and invite your friends. Learn some cool new dance steps and the good old favourites of Nutbush and Macarena.  Create home made invitations for guests, make decorations like a poster for the front door, paper chains, Chinese lanterns and a disco mobile by decorating old cd’s with collage and hanging them down with string from an alfoil dish. Plan games you could play like Musical Statues and Limbo. You could even make a piñata out of paper mache for extra fun.

{School Holiday Activities: Dancing!}

school holiday activities -- dancing

2. Cook

Kids can take over the kitchen to create some healthy fun food alternatives. Dice fruit and place on skewers for fruit kebabs, make sandwich faces with ingredients like tomato wedges, cheese slices and grated carrot, or come up with your own ideas in making food look like animals.

{School Holiday Activities: Cracker Caterpillar}

school holiday activities: baking

3. Paint

Paint with different mediums instead of a paintbrush! Be creative and perhaps use an old toothbrush as your paintbrush. Other mediums could be a comb, feather, cottonbud, flyswat, old roll on deodorant bottle and fingerpainting with coloured shaving cream.

{School Holiday Activities: Painting}

school holiday ideas painting

4. Organise a Carnival

Organise a Carnival and invite the neighbourhood kids for some good old fashioned fun. Design a poster to advertise the carnival, decide on the games like knock em down tins, toss coins into a muffin tin, throw sponges/rings at plastic bottles and pie throwing with whipped cream. Purchase some small prizes like chocolate frogs.

{School Holiday Activities: Throw the ring game}

School Holiday activities -- games

5. Craft

Make home made instruments. For example, you could make a guitar out of shoe box and rubber bands or shakers made out of containers filled with different materials like rice, unpopped corn and small stones.

{School Holiday Activities: Make a guitar}

school holiday activities -- musical craft

6. Puppet Show

Put on a puppet show for your family. First decide on the story, characters and then write a script. Design puppets for your characters. You could make puppets out of recycling and decorating odd socks, kitchen towel cardboard cylinder or a wooden spoon. Ask for a large box from an appliance store to make into a puppet theatre, with an opening window at the front, an old sheet for curtains and a door at the back. Make a sign to invite your family to the play.

{School Holiday Activities: Puppet show}

school holiday activities puppet show

7.  Dress up/Pretend

Be a newsreader for a day! Write your own weather report and other “news of the day” and record your voice.

{School Holiday Activities: Pretend to be a newsreader}

school holiday activities -- pretend play

8. Tea Party

Have an elegant tea party with siblings and/or soft toys. Ask for a large box from an appliance store to create a castle, cut battlements at the top and paint the castle. Collage a strip of cardboard to make crowns for the King and Queen, and if there’s a princess she could make a hat out of cardboard in a cone shape. Find some fancy dress ups to wear to the occasion, design/fold a paper fan and laminate drawings for placemats. Kids can bake some easy treats like biscuits, cupcakes and chocolate crackles. If you’re game, buy a cheap china tea set from the second hand shop to make it even more real!

{School Holiday Activities: Tea Party}

school holiday activities tea party

9. Water Play

On a lovely summery day, have a water play day outside! Get out the sprinklers, soaker hoses, slip n slide (piece of plastic and dish detergent), bubbles, water guns, water balloons and watering can. If you have a clam shell, fill with water, few drops of food colouring, dash of dish detergent and add kitchen equipment like saucepans, measuring cups and egg beater. You can even freeze coloured water in balloons, then remove balloon once frozen and put icebergs in for fun play!

{School Holiday Activities: Water play}

school holiday ideas -- water play

10. Make a Treasure Chest

Make a personal treasure chest to store awards, art work, memorabilia from fun outings, report cards, school photos and lots more. You can just use an old shoe box and decorate with collage or your favourite pictures from magazines or clip art from the computer. What a fantastic way to reminisce each year by reliving great memories!

{School Holiday Activities: Make a treasure or discovery box}

school holiday activities special box

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  1. Nichole says

    I would love to be able to gift this to my day care mum. I am one
    of the unlucky ones that needs to go to work, but would love
    to see this book go to a wonderful lady that fills the role
    for me beautifully.

  2. Holly says

    Some great ideas there! Now I’ll have plenty of ideas to entertain the kids should they come out with ‘Mu-uuum, I’m bored!’

  3. Vickie says

    I was always crafty as a kid, and I can see it in my daughter too. But lack of time and sleep means that I can’t think of anything inventive to do when boredom strikes.

    This sounds like the book for me. Something to reach for when I need inspiration.

    • Julie Vigor says

      Thankyou so much Vickie. I’d love to help you out with my book. It makes it handy and easy when there’s lots of ideas at your fingertips that are simple and affordable. If you’d like to order a copy, email jvigor@iprimus.com.au

  4. Julie says

    Thanks Kelly for such a wonderful opportunity. I hope lots of lovely Mums get benefit out of my book and kids enjoy the activities.

  5. Tania Mitchell says

    l have been searching for stuff to do with my kids and am greatful for the ideas here the book would be lovely.

  6. Leeanne says

    Wow what a great idea! So hard to come up with something different each day this book would be a great resource for anyone. :)

  7. Kirsten McKenzie says

    I really enjoy looking after kids. I am a family day carer and the children in my care range from 12 months up to 10 years. I am often looking for new craft ideas to do with the children. i especially like the idea of having the words to songs written in a book… There is always someone (often me) that forgets the words to songs. well done on putting this book together.

  8. Kirsty Nankervis says

    What a great idea. Thanks for the help. I can never think of things for my 2 boys to do in the holidays and they always end up bored and fighting. Thanks for the ideas.

  9. Annette says

    This book sounds like a wonderful resource – I will need lots of ideas to entertain my only child on school holidays!

  10. kate clark says

    Im always interested in new exciting ideas to share with my two kids! Nothing better than cherishing every little minute i have with them before they grow up.

  11. Dorette says

    Good Morning! Wow, how inspiring is this book? I know how much my kids and I enjoy it when we do out-of-the-blue fun activities, but sometimes I just can’t think of what to do and then, sadly, we end up doing nothing. How I would love this book!

  12. linda says

    what a great prize this would be im a mum to two teens and mr 4 so sometimes i need ideas on what i used to do before they grew up.

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    Howdy great blog! Man. Beautiful. Superb. Let me take a note of your site along with use the bottles in addition? I’m pleased to obtain lots of practical facts in this article in the publish, we would like come up with much more approaches within this reverence, appreciate expressing.

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