I Feel Crappy Today

When I woke this morning, I felt I couldn’t make it through the day. I don’t usually use crude words but crap is just about the perfect word to describe how I’m feeling today.  Put PMT together with a week of really bad sleep, sick children, a husband adjusting into a new job  and and you have a tired, feral  Mum. I’m really cranky and snappy at the moment. Hate it when I’m like this. I seem to be the emotional hub of the family; when I’m doing okay, so is everyone, and when I’m not doing okay, everyone is cranky. {sigh}

They come around, don’t they? Crappy days. Sometimes they run, one day after another and sometimes you just get ONE BIG BAM one that can send your week out of wack. I’ve talked about this topic before (because this situation has happened to me A LOT). With titles like Tired. So Tired.Dr Tired and Cranky and A Tip for Tired Mums…well you get the drift.

The worst thing for me to do on a crappy day is to stay at home all day trying to get the housework done. I vacillate, and end more miserable as the day wears on.  So instead, here are 6 things I did today that lifted my spirits. And they worked! I’m sitting here feeling surprisingly refreshed, dinner is in the slow cooker and I’m just about to get stuck into the housework so my tired husband can home home to a happy, organised house today. That’s the plan. I can do this!

1. Take away coffee

I feel crappy today so I'm having a take away coffee

After I dropped the kids to school, I went through the drive through and picked up a take-away coffee. For me, this is a treat. I enjoy sitting in the car (when my son is strapped in so can’t go anywhere) and sipping the hot liquid. I find it calming.

2. Thinking About Someone Else

I feel crappy today so I'm thinking of someone else

My Mum used to always say, “When you feel miserable, think of someone else.”  As I was looking at my son as we walked the older children to school, I realised how much he loves his Mm is for Me slippers (so much he uses them as shoes). I stopped for a moment to send a quick tweet to Mm is for Me designer Ash, thanking her for such a wonderful product. It only took me a second but I’m sure Ash will love to see her products in action.

5. Getting Out

I'm feeling crappy today so I'm getting outside somewhere quiet

Even though I love being with people, I’m more of an introvert.  I find visiting somewhere quiet and crowd free relaxing and inspiring (especially if it’s out in nature). So I drove out to a quiet spot this morning with the kids (my eldest daughter is with us today because she’s not very well) and I found these beautiful swans! Watching them gave us such happiness! It was a lovely surprise.

4. Being inspired by what I see

I'm feeling crappy today so I'm taking picutre of things that inspire me

While I was out driving, I spotted this fence with pretty purple weeds wildflowers so I pulled over to take a picture. I love taking pictures of how I see the world. It’s inspiring!

5. Wearing a pretty necklace

I'm feeling crappy today so I'm wearing a necklace

Wearing a pretty necklace is like a little bit of happiness around my neck.

6. Look forward to something

I’m missing a friend I haven’t seen for a while. Today I made a time in the future for us to catch up for a coffee. Having something to look forward to in the future really lifts my spirits.

I’m home now, and I feel like I can do this. I can get through today. And tomorrow. And the next.  When the next crappy day comes around, as I surely know it will, I’ll do my best to turn it around the best I can.

What do you do when you’re feeling REALLY tired and crappy?

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Kelly loves life at both ends of the spectrum: wearing high heel shoes one day and hiking boots the next; sipping tea out of a pretty cup and slurping hot coffee from a camping mug; challenging herself physically and stopping for quiet unhurried moments to feel the wind on her face. Kelly and her husband Matthew seek to live a fun and adventurous life with their four children and pet bird.

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  1. says

    LOVE your stockings!

    Depends on why. If it is just general meh, then I just suck it up.

    If I am sad, I go with it and chuck on some power ballads (Adele is my choice at the moment) and sing and cry LOUD.

    And coffee soothes the savage Kelley.

  2. says

    My 5 most helpful things: the coffee (like you, I love the Maccas drive through for coffee – so much easier than trying to get 3 little ones out of the car to run into a cafe), getting outside, ignoring the ‘pull’ of the housework, crying out to God and telling Him how much help I need, and promising myself some chocolate when the kids go down to sleep!

    • says

      Great list! LOVE maccas drive through! Even better: when I lived in Toowoomba there was a Zarraffa’s coffee DRIVE THROUGH! Absolutely awesome!

      I woke up this morning and I prayed the same thing: God, I just don’t think I can do today. HELP! And then I rang my husband, who is absolutely exhausted and stressed at the moment, just for some reassurance. Just to hear him say he loves me (even though I’m feral — HA!). And fortunately he does…Phew!

      I enjoyed this morning out with the kids. (and I even found a stray freddo frog chocolate left over from my daughter’s brithday — BONUS!)

      Do you find it hard to ignore the pull of the housework?

  3. says

    I love the picture of the fence and wildflowers…just beautiful! And your necklace, too. You’re better than I am, more proactive about changing your mood. When I’m in a bad place I tend to isolate myself, which is what I generally need to feel better. Usually when I’m crabby it’s because I’m overwhelmed or overstimulated (read: too much screaming kids!) and need to withdraw. If I can do a meditation or just close out the world for a while, I feel better. But it never seems to last long enough!

    • says

      Thanks Kristin. Yeah, I get the screaming kids thing. Sometimes at the end of the day, I’ve had so much noise stimulation, that I feel like my head is about to explode. Oh for some quiet!

  4. Peta Wright says

    On a day when I’m not feeling quite right I eliminate all expectations, of myself, of my kids, of my husband. No expectations means no disappointment. Then, I take deep breaths. I tell myself that I will get through it just as I have before. I call one of my closest friends that I know will have some words of encouragement for me. I light a candle. I put on my favourite music. I give myself permission to just “be”.

  5. Mary says

    Kelly, yes we all have days like this, and I know that next time ‘my crappy day’ arrives I will think of you and know of a couple of tips to make the day bearable. Just sharing this with us makes us all human and we all not alone with our ‘down days’.

  6. says

    “Shabby”. That’s how I described how I felt the other day. I find writing sometimes helps me get the feelings and thoughts out and instead of festering, I have my outlet, whether I share it with anyone else (eg: blog) or not (eg: journal). I also find music, looking at gorgeous images, a cuppa and sometimes a walk helps. Sometimes tidying something at home, so I’m in control of at least a little space of my world, helps. Occasionally baking. BTW, I love your necklace!

    • says

      Sounds like a wonderful list. I love images too. And I find music very inspiring (espeically while I’m doing housework!). The necklace is from Diva. It’s one of my fav. because it really lightens my mood. When I’m in the sun, it sends sparkles everywhere!

  7. Emma says

    I love getting out to going to work my dogs with the kids in toe, and getting a coffee tho not real much coffee around where i live lol

  8. says

    Life really is all about attitude! Such a great post, good advice for any mum. I’m like you, I get out of the house. Take a drive in the Yarra Valley, have morning tea with my girls, anything like that usually works. You’re right about not trying to do the housework on bad days, it makes everything worse! I haven’t forgotten about Cinderella Time, I’ve just been very busy working on my new venture. I’ll definitely put something together for you very soon. Have a lovely weekend. Rachaelx

    • says

      Oh, no rush Rachael. Just whenever you can. You know where to find me. This is great:
      Don’t do housework on bad days; it makes evertying worse. HA! Love it! Well, if you have more rooms to share, I’ll do another post!!

  9. says

    Just love this post. I so love that you actively sought things to make your crappy day a little more joy filled.
    You video and hearing your children’s happy laughter has brought a smile to my face; I’m having a not great afternoon, suddenly I feel so drained but your video has perked me up x

  10. says

    Sorry that you had such a crappy day but good on you for doing something about it. When mums happy everyones happy.
    What helps me is getting out of the house and just going anywhere. My mood seems to change as im walking out the front door. If i am stuck at home feeling like that ill have a nap. Sometimes baking or preparing tea earlier works as it takes my mind off my bad mood.
    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you xxxx

    • says

      Thanks Shelly. I hope so too. I miss day naps now my son doesn’t sleep in the day anymore. But then, I didn’t usually take the opportunity when he did. HA! I’m glad you’re more sensible. xx

  11. says

    Hope your day had some bright spots somewhere in it.

    I’ve discovered that I feel heaps better if I do my hair and makeup – just to drop the kids at school – and sing loudly in the car. Somehow singing always works!

    • says

      Thank you lovely. We did manage to find quite a few bright spots. Yes, I find that if I try and make some sort of an effort with my appearance it helps too. Ah, I can just see you singing in the car. That’s awesome!

  12. says

    ummmmmmmmm who cares about the coffee what about your stockings!! gorgeous – it would cheer me up just to be wearing a pair of those lol!
    you are so wonderfully creative and have such a great eye for beauty in the world – staying at home can be so ‘suffocating’ at times I’m glad you got out and about to revitalise :)

  13. says

    I am feeling like this today. Thanks for the tips. We can’t actually leave the house today though as we have a vomiter in Mr 5. So the backyard will have to do.

    Love your stockings too! Where did you get them?

    • says

      I don’t like it when I’m stuck at home…but sometimes it can’t be helped hey…and just being outside does help. Good plan. Hope everyone feels better soon. xx

      I got the stocking from Forever New. Love that shop!

  14. says

    For some reason it ended up in the spam folder … but I found it and approved it :-) .. thanks for taking the time to read and comment! I guess that’s the writer in me, always fascinated by words, even “naughty” ones LOL …

  15. says

    Well done on getting out and about! I did that last night after my crappy day. Miss8 and I went out for dinner. And the word ‘crap’ is the best one to use on such days as that! Pxo

  16. Kathryn says

    My favourite thing to do when I feel crappy (which is most days now I’m pregnant) Is put on some of my favourite music and have a dance party with my 2 year old. A treat of icecream or chocolate helps too, and whether I feel like it or not fresh air and a little exercise always makes me feel wonderful!

  17. says

    I have a list of things to do when I’m feeling crappy! I keep it in my wallet :) My number one fave used to be having a bath when my son had his daytime nap or after he went to bed…so nice especially with candles and essential oils…

    But I moved house and the new house doesn’t have a bath – missing it LOTS. On the upside, I now have the beach 100 paces away so a walk on the beach is my new go-to remedy for a not so awesome day. Also calling my mum or a friend and VENTING down the phone 😛 And CREATING something beautiful usually helps me too, most of the time it’s re-crafting a new top or skirt out of my opshop collection of old clothes….then I have something pretty and kind of new to wear too!

    Love your blog Kelly, so many awesome and more importantly EASY things to do with my son :)


  18. rebecca says

    Peanut M&Ms… always cheer me up! and looking back through old photos to remember fab times! And if I do a tiny bit of paperwork/housework, then I always feel like Ive made an effort!

  19. says

    I actually have a collection of blogs that I read purely for those days. Women who are guaranteed to have me crying tears of laughter at how mediocre life can feel sometimes. I am totally the same in that I have to get out of the house, a fresh change of scenery often ups my mood. Oh and coffee!

  20. says

    Love your blog… Ideal for me is going down the beach for a swim and jog. I find water always gives me peace and the sea air energises me, however often hard to do with 2 little boys and hubby who works away, so will usually be a jog outdoors with the boys on their bikes and a kick of footy down at the park.

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