15 Adventurous Things To Do With Kids

I’m a sucker for adventure. I love the thrill of visiting new places and the excitment of doing new things. Adventure doesn’t have to stop once you have a family. Quite the opposite in fact. Children tend to embrace adventure with open arms.  As a family, we find many ways to be adventurous and I’m sharing some ideas below.

15 adventurous things to do with kids

1. Drive down a new street or take a different road home

If there is spare time on the way home from somewhere, the kids and I will often explore a new street.  We’ve made many discoveries by doing this.

adventurous things to do with kids -- drive down a different road to a new place

2. Go Geocaching

Geocaching combines the excitement of finding a new place and the thrill of hunting treasure.  It brings together the perfect mix of technology and nature. It  can be done any day, anytime and anywhere in the world. This adventure costs next to nothing and can take anywhere from 30 minutes or an entire day – you choose.  It really is The Best Family Adventure. If you have a GPS, iPhone or GPS enabled smart phone, you MUST try it. Find more here: Geochaching — The Best Family Adventure.

adventurous things to do with kids: geocaching

3. Go outside when it’s night with a torch and explore

We recently went on a glow worm hunt which was a lot of fun, but even going outside your own home with a torch is  exciting.

adventurous things to do with kids: night hunt for glow worms

4. Find a hilly road to drive on

Okay, so this picture was taken on the steepest street in the world: Baldwin Street, Dunedin in New Zealand. But there are a lot of hilly roads to drive on everywhere, and kids think it’s awesome.

adventurous things to do with kids -- drive on a hilly road

5. Visit a farm and pick your own fruit or vegetables

This fun activity is also educational, where children can learn where food comes from.  If you’re visiting Queensland, the Strawberry Fields on the Sunshine Coast provide a fantastic family fun day.

adventurous things to do with kids: picking strawberries

6. Look at the stars or watch a sunset

It’s a simple thing to do. Going outside to look at the stars, or watching a sunset is a magical experience.

adventurous things to do with kids: watch a sunset

7. Have a sleep out in the family room

This doesn’t have to be for the entire night. Sometimes when we have the cousins over, they sleep in the lounge until later, when the parents carry the children to bed.

adventurous things to do with kids: sleep out in the family room

8. Find a new park out of town

Find a park you haven’t visited before.  It might even become a family favourite.

adventurous things to do with kids: find a new park

9. Go hiking or bush walking

Even when our children were young, Blu and I went hiking and bush walking with them.  If you invest in a good child backpack, it’s possible to do many bush walks with children.

adventurous things to do with kids: hiking and bush walking

10. Visit an airport

This is a favourite activity Dad likes to do with our kids. He simply drives out to our local airport, and from the car, the children watch the planes take off and land.

adventurous things to do with kids visit an airport 3

11. Catch or watch a train

Trains are a source of fascination for our children. We watch trains, ride on them, and even went on a steam train adventure.

adventurous things to do with kids: ride on a train

12. Eat an early dinner outside

While I’m not necessarily recommending children should eat lying down (HA!) eating outside is a fun treat. My kids watched the clouds while eating chicken burgers. As a family, we’ve also eaten a picnic dinner at a park and done plenty of finger food nights.

adventurous things to do with kids: eat dinner outside together

13. Theme Day

Pick a theme and fill a day with as many themed things as you can.  For example, you may like to find all your toy dinosaurs, visit a museum, read a dinosaur book and even make dinosaur cupcakes.

adventurous things to do with kids: theme hunt

14. Have a Family Quest

This can be anything like collecting shells, taking a picture at every “big” landmarks you come across (like the Big Pineapple or the Big Banana), or finding street names for every one in your family.

adventurous things to do with kids: family quest

15. Family Holidays

Nothing says adventure like a family holiday. We plan one at least every year.

adventurous things to do with kids: family holidays

What adventurous things do you like to do with kids?

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  1. Jenny says

    hehe I read the title of the post and thought I should suggest geocaching…You can also do it with any gps enabled smartphone (HTC etc), not just the iphone.

  2. Deb says

    Strawberry fields has been on my to do list 4 years running and I told dh recently this year it happens!!

    I did not know geocaching had taken off here so will look into that (just got my first smartphone this week).

    a new one for us since we moved 2 blocks away from good friends – we tend to stay quite late when we go for dinner (like between 9:30-11pm!) and walk home with our girls (6 1/2 and almost 8) – the first time was amazing – it is so different walking in your neighbourhood at night, all the stars, animal noises, possums on the phone lines etc. – and then we just pray they don’t wake up early ; )

  3. says

    Kelly, I always enjoy your posts. This one on adventurous things to do with kids is wonderful! Love your suggestions, photos, and uplifting comments. I am sure overwhelmed parents fell much better after a visit to your site.

  4. says

    Love this post Kelly!

    I am always on the look out for interesting letterboxes ever since the day we posted a letter on the way home from child care, ended up coming a different way home and found a big wagon wheel that someone had made into a letterbox.
    The other day on our way to the cake decorating shop we found one that was in the shape of a cat, and another on designed to look like Ned Kelly.

    It turns an otherwise unexciting car trip into a bit of an adventure trying to find something out of the ordinary.

    Was telling hubby about geocaching the other day and we put it on our list of things to try when the kids are a little bit older. It sounds like such fun!

  5. says

    I love the idea of being adventurous. There are some things here we do and other great ideas, I just hadn’t thought of them as ‘adventures’ before.

  6. says

    Love these simple but fun ideas, Kelly! We like to do similar things in our family-as you know. :) Going to be sharing a link to this article on my blog this week. xo

      • says

        I too wish we lived closer–because surely our families would have blast together! Tennessee has some wonderful places you would love to see. (And of course there are many other areas of our country that are great too.) If I ever get to Australia–I will do the same. :)

    • says

      Hi Belinda. So glad you’re here and enjoy the post. Thanks for leaving a link to yours too. It’s great! I tried to leave a comment but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. I so want to make that activity board for my son! Might be a project for this weekend!

      • says

        Thanks Kelly, I don’t know what was wrong with the comments section but it seems OK again now :) We started making an activity board on the weekend and it’s really quite fun coming up with great ideas for the board. I’ll post a pic when done. Did you start on yours?
        Love the blog!

  7. Erin Crisante says

    Hi Kelly
    I love your site, we’ve done lots of these activities but reading this has reminded me of the importance of keeping it up. My kids are now 6 & 8 & we’ve become slack, so Thank you for a terrific blog.
    Cheers Erin (Wights Mtn)

    • says

      Hi Erin!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment. You’re in a lovely part of the world (and not far from me!). Lot’s of fun things to explore. We often loved driving up Clear Mountain. It’s only a short drive but the view from the top is GORGEOUS!

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