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Tangled On DVD

Tangled on DVD 11 May 2011

Tangled is a treat. It’s good old fashioned story telling coupled with high quality animation, beautiful songs, smart comic releif and engaging characters. I loved it. Oh, that’s right, it’s a kids movie. Ah yes, the kids adored it too.   

The Story

The movie Tangled has many elements you’d expect from a Rapunzel inspired movie: pretty princess, long hair, handsome hero, evil woman;  yet it’s been reinvented in a fresh way so the story feels new. The story follows captive Rapunzel, thief Flynn Rider, controlling Mother Gothel and not to forget Maximus the horse. The movie will undoubtedly appeal to the modern audience; however, it’s laced with a retro undercurrent which was an interesting and effective combination.  It’s a story of friendship, bravery, finding yourself and following a dream. Here’s a sneak peak of the story in pictures:

Tangled 2010 on DVD May 11 2011

The Animation

I was struck by the animation because so much emotion is brought through the characters.  If you watch carefully at the hands and facial expressions of the characters, you see it, and  feel it.  I think that is why I cried in parts of the movie. It’s really funny too…in just the right places without being too silly. It was refreshing to see emotion based animation, not pure action based effects.

The Music 

The Tangled music score is written beautifully by Alan Menken. Mandy Moore (voice of Rapunzel) sings like an angel. And what a surprise:  Zachary Levi (voice of Flynn Rider) has a wonderful singing voice too.  I appreciated the fact the actors both sang and voiced the characters. I think this continuity brought something special to the movie. The songs are catchy and my children have fun singing them.

{this morning I found my two youngest children snuggled together singing the “Healing Incantation” reprise from the movie}


Age Group Relevance

The DVD is rated PG for mild animated violence. Like many “good vs bad” movies, there are some slightly scary scenes. Personally, I didn’t think the movie was excessively scary; although I would say it would best suit children aged over 6 years of age and with parental supervision. In saying that, my son (3.5 years) loved the movie too.

Note: Porter Novelli (through Aussie Mummy Bloggers) kindly gave me a complimentary Tangled DVD.  I was not paid for this review and the views stated above are my own.


***Winner has been drawn: Congratulations Natalie Sanderson***

I have a Tangled DVD to giveaway to one Be A Fun Mum reader. All you need to do is leave a comment in the space below.


1. Australian Residents Only

2. Tangled will be released 11 May so the DVD will be posted after this date.

3. Winner will be notified by email.

4. Winner will be drawn by random number.

5. Giveaway open from Monday 3 May to Monday 9 May 2011

Media Info

The tale begins with Mother Gothel and a magical flower which holds the key to eternal youth and beauty. Discovering the flower’s influence, Mother Gothel hides it for her own selfish needs, until the kingdom initiates a desperate search for the healing plant to cure the sick, pregnant Queen. The glowing flower is found, and Baby princess Rapunzel is born with magical abilities in her golden locks. Still longing for her fountain of youth, Mother Gothel kidnaps Rapunzel and locks her away in a hidden tower for eighteen years, raising her as her own child.

Going against Mother Gothel’s rules, the spirited beauty escapes from the tower with Flynn for the first time in almost two decades and together, the duo embark on a hilarious, hair-raising adventure  complete with unexpected heroes, Flynn’s unwilling sidekick Maximus and plenty of discovery along the way.

Price: DVD $24.95, Blu-Ray Value Pack $39.95, 3D Blu-Ray Pack $54.95

Tangled DVD OUT 11 May 2011

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  1. Nerys Lewis says

    I know my kids would enjoy watching it – but i’m more excited
    to sit and watch it with them :)

  2. Melissa says

    Ohhhh I would love to win this! We didn’t see it when it was at the movies. I am collecting all the disney movies for my kids. So it would go in our massive collection!!!

  3. Kataraina says

    I would love to have a movie night with the kids and surprise them with this :) They haven’t seen it yet and I can only imagine the fun they will have to see it :0 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Pick us I would love to be a fun mum :)

  4. says

    I would like to win this for me because I’m sure I’m the only person in the world that hasn’t seen it lol. My hubby and my girls have seen it (I was sick) and now they’re Rapunzel crazy. Serious case of green eyed monster here 😉 I suppose I’d let them watch it with me :)

  5. Amanda-Mae says

    Missed this one at the movies but have only read good reviews.
    Would love watching this with my lil girl =)

  6. Lyndall says

    Sounds like a treat! I’m sure the two little ladies at my house would love it. Thanks for the review :)

  7. Michael Potter says

    If my family won this my daughter would finally understand what I’m talking about whenever I brush her extremely long hair!

  8. Kelly Ryan says

    Tangled has my 6 year old thinking that being a Princess when she is older would be the best career choice.

  9. Laticia Cox says

    I took my nearly 5 year old daughter to see this and hubby was guttered as he wanted to see it too

  10. Wendy says

    New Movies the kids love,
    my house always looks mangled
    the boys are in TANGLES
    but never a dull moment
    with popcorn and quiteness!!!

  11. says

    A reinvented Disney movie is just what my daughters would like for a slumber party with mum and grandma.
    Great review :) Makes me want to watch the movie no matter what .

  12. Vicki De Boo says

    I know I’m one day late but my son’s birthday is saturday and I’d love to win this for him, he’s 3 and when we saw this in the cinema, he couldn’t stop laughing he loved maximus and pascal and we would love to be able to tell him we got it for his birthday. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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