Paper Dolls: Photo Dolls

photo dolls family

The children have had a lot of fun with the simple paper dolls.  We made dolls from a template here and created our own here. This time, we’ve made paper dolls made from real life photographs.   Above is our family, in photo doll form. The dolls aren’t strictly in proportion: My husband is much taller than me (30 cm in fact) and there’s no way my eldest daughter is almost as tall as me…I think.

It’s somewhat disturbing to see yourself in paper doll form but a whole lot of fun. 

How to Make Paper Photo Dolls

Materials:A4 Photo Paper, Camera, Printer, Laminator (optional)

1. Take Photos

Tips for taking photos:  

1. Ensure the subject’s arms are either out from the body (dad pic), next to or in front of body (mum pic), behind the body (no.1 daughter picture) or in a clear pose (last three kids).  This will make it easier when it comes time to cut them out.

2. Hold the camera directly at the person, rather than looking down at the subject from above. This way the proportions of the body stay true.

tips for taking photos

2. Crop photos

Using your favourite photo editor, crop the photos close around the body.

3.  Insert into Publisher or Word

Insert the cropped pictures into Microsoft Pubisher (or Word) and resized them to fit nicely on an A4 page. Then print onto A4 photo paper.

4. Laminate (optional)

For extra strength, laminate the photos.

5. Cut photos

Cut photo dolls using scissors and a stanley or craft knife (on a board) for the tricky sections.

6. Play!

Now, I’m trying to decide which of these pictures is more disturbing. My son holding his father or me and my photo doll. I’m going with me and my photo doll. Wierd. But then weird is always better than boring — nu?

photo dolls dad and mum

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  1. katie b says

    hahahah they are bizarre but i love them!!! and a great accesory for kids that have parents that work away from the home for long periods, or grandparents that live interstate lol

  2. says

    Ack! What an awesome idea!!! When she’s old enough to appreciate that kind of stuff I will def do this! Do you know I made a list on my fridge with your fun ideas on it? Seriously! I’ll add this one right now!

  3. says

    Oh I love this idea!! We actually made normal paper dolls here yesterday. My little pink people would love to make photos ones of themselves!! Fabulous project idea!

  4. Jade says

    We have some wooden cut outs with photos on them from Kindy. Each of the Kindy kids got one of themselves. So fun.

  5. Lyndall says

    What fun! I actually used your suggestion of photo tea bag tags for Mother’s Day as a gift idea for my husband’s birthday recently. It’s such a laugh to see him sipping a cup of tea with one of the family ‘crawling’ up the side of the cup!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cheryl M says

    This is just what I was looking for. Thanks! My daughter is in middle school and has a big “country” report due at the end of the year for Social Studies. As it turns out, friends of ours are adopting a child from her assigned country and they’re headed over in April. They offered to do a Flat Stanley project…except with a “flat Cassie” doll instead. This is absolutely perfect.

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