Mini Cupcakes with Marshmallow Icing

marshmallow cupcake topper

It’s totally cheating but don’t these mini cupcakes look adorable?  To make perfect mini cupcake icing, use wide marshmallows instead of butter icing.


Cupcake Recipe

Mini Patty Cases

Mini Muffin Pan

Wide marshmallows

Icing embellishments (optional)

1. Make mini-cupcakes. I used my easy cupcake recipe.

2. If you plan to place some embellishments on the top of the marshmallow (like the heart in the picture above), cut off the top of the marshmallow so the decoration sticks and is flat. If you don’t have embellishments, skip this step.

Marshmallow icing for mini cupcakes

3. Once the cupcakes are cooked, trim the top of the cake so it is flat.

4. Place a marshmallow on the cake while the cake is still a little warm. This way, the marshmallow will stick. (You may need to use a little icing to ensure the marshmallow sticks).

5. Done! A plate full of these look absolutely adorable.

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  1. says

    I ? this, I ? you Kelly.

    Cake stall Mummy here needs ALL the ideas she can get…I am on my last legs of production…thank you.

  2. says

    What a super cute, super easy idea! I love it. My kids love marshmallows and only ever eat the tops anyway so this is a perfect idea. Great timing too – it’s coming in to birthday party season for all the little people in my family : )

  3. says

    I tried this but it was just too time consuming for me. Instead, I threw all the marshmallows into a microwave bowl and started at 30 second intervals until they were melted. (careful not to fill the bowl too full as the marshmallows rise) I then started by dipping the cupcakes into the bowl of melted marshmallows. This worked good until it started to cool, so I then took a spoon and frosted them like icing. It worked great this way. And the melted marshmallows are a great topper for “Death by Oreo” cupcakes!! Yummy! It compliments the cupcakes very nicely. I then sprinkled each cake with crumbled Oreos.

    • Kelly b says

      Sounds uber yummy Sharon. Thanks for sharing. Will have to give your marshmallow icing a go! Oreos are the best!

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