Love the Moment Challenge May

I take pictures — everyday. I think in pictures. I work from pictures. I think I even dream in pictures! So, for this month’s Love the Moment Challenge, I’m using images for inspiration.  I adore the look of the Love the Moment collage (pictured below); it makes me happy. So happy in fact, I’ve hung it up on my wall!

Love the Moment Challenge: A Change of Thinking

Larissa, from My Pigeon Pair asked me to tell her a little more about how the Love the Moment Challenge came to be. When I sat for a moment to think about what I was going to tell her, I realised the Love the Moment concept has permiated many areas of my life. It’s a change of thinking. You can read my guest post for the My Pigeon Pair blog here: Love the Moment Challenge: A Change of Thinking.

Love the Moment Image Collage

I adored putting this collage together! The idea for the Love the Moment Challenge for this month is to print the picture for inspiration, and use the corresponding word map if you like.

Below are four ways to enjoy the May Love the Moment Challenge

{click to print the PDF}

love the moment challenge may

{click to print the PDF}

Love the moment challenge may calendar

1. Take Pictures

Take a “Love the Moment” picture a day for the month of May. Taking photographs is a good way to stop and take notice of little things you can sometimes take for granted.

2. Hang

Print the picture collage on high quality A4 photo papaer and frame or stick directly to the wall using blu-tack. I think the collage makes my drab little office a little more cherry — don’t you?

My Office

3. Use for inspiration

Gaining inspiration from pictures is an opended way to think of activities for children.  You can even suggest the child pick a picture and brainstorm possible activity ideas.


Picutre of a flower: Make a flower head wreath

Frog in the pond: Make jelly or trifle

Picture of father and son walking: Go for a walk

4. Worksheet

Below is a worksheet that corresponds with the images. This may be fun for older kids on a weekend car trip! Or you can adapt the questions slighly for younger children.

{click on the picture to print}

Love the Moment Worksheet Picture

Welcome to May!

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