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Welcome to Be A Fun Mum 2.0. I’m absolutely thrilled with the design by brilliant Kate (aka Picklebums).  Kate was able to disipher 2 pages of my brainstorming to capture the exact feel I wanted for Be A Fun Mum. There are still a few tweaks to links and pictures but overall, the new blog look has come together beautifully.

Saying Goodbye to Be A Fun Mum 1.0Be A Fun Mum 1 Screen Capture

I’m  excited about the new design but there is a part of me that is sad to say goodbye to the old theme. Be A Fun Mum 1.0 reflects so much of me and I adore it. You can read about the previous banner design here: Be A Fun Mum 1.0

Why am I changing something I love? Well, Be A Fun Mum has taken an identity of its own. It’s less about me and more about what Be A Fun Mum has become.  The Be A Fun Mum 1.0 theme didn’t reflect all this so I’ve gone with something extremely different and I’ll tell you why.

Introducing Be A Fun Mum 2.0

Be A Fun Mum 2

Welcome to Be A Fun Mum 2.0. Isn’t it happy? I wanted the new theme to reflect my content and I’ve detailed some of this below.


The bright colours dispersed with a lot of white brings a lightness to the blog. I hope when readers visit, they feel like they’ve taken a breath of fresh air.


Fun and colour go hand in hand.  When Kate and I were talking about colours, I said I wanted a lot of colour but didn’t want a stereotypical rainbow hues. Instead we’ve gone with retro colours that are fresh, bold and bright.


There’s a retro element to the fonts and colour in this theme.  The reason for this is I want  to capture “good old fashioned fun” and a simpler way of living.  The retro theme is simple and fun, with a funky hit of personality.


The flowers represent the “love the moment” concept.  And can you see they are alive? They are growing?  I wanted the flowers to be growing to represent the quality of being who you are and the ability to “bloom where you’re planted” (wherever that may be).


Last week Be A Fun Mum was hacked.  I was devastated.  When I talked to my host provider they said I would lose all the comments from readers. That’s over 6,000 comments. You know, I was more upset by this than losing some blog posts.  The comments people leave here add so much value to the blog. The thought of my content without any apparent interaction brought me to tears! I cried, drank coffee, then diet coke (fortunately I didn’t go for fourth C: chocolate as well)…and I cried some more. Fortunatley my host provider was able to save the comments and I was ecstatic. So thank you so, so much for taking the time to add value to this blog by interacting, whether that be leaving a comment or sharing it with others. It makes this blog alive, and without  readers, it would be a blog without soul, and that would be very sad.

Navigating around the site

Navigating around the blog is much easier with the new template.


I want to celebrate the re-launch of Be A Fun Mum, and so some gorgeous people are sharing their products with us.  Entering is simple: just leave a comment below and it would be nice if you could support to these lovely people who have supported me by checking out their websites and joining them on facebook.

Prize Pool

***Giveaway ended. Winners have been notified by email. Congratulations!***

1. A selection of postcards and giftwraps with matching tags from Veronica Mayson from Phoenix Trading

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2. All Around The World Game from Brainbox World courtsey of Global Kids Oz 

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3. Your choice of a gorgeous handmade doll from Quill & Ink Handmade plus a trifold card 

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4. Two adorable Aussie Baby bibs from Bibska 

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5. A set of six owl crayons from House of Baby Piranha 

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6. A set of four clever personalised cups from My Colour Cup 

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7.  $15 to spend on a custom creation from Kathryn’s Creations 

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8. A fantastic Preschooler Personality Kit from Parent with Potential 

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9. $20 gift voucher from simply fantastic Lunch Boxes with Love 

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10. Three packs of gorgeous15 pre-designed birthday invitations from Julia of Kuku Couture Invitations 

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11. Wedding Etiquette for Ferals from lovely Aussie writer Peta-Jo  

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To enter

  • Leave a comment below
  • I want there to be A LOT of winners so I’ll draw names using one at a time and winners will be offered a choice of the available prizes until the last one is drawn. In total there will be 14 winners!
  • Open to Australian and New Zealand readers (sorry my international readers; I will have a giveaway for you one day!)
  • Giveaway open 31 May to 7 June 2011

Thank you for being here. Tell me, what do you think of the new theme? Love it or not-so-love or I-need-to-get-used-to it?

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Kelly loves life at both ends of the spectrum: wearing high heel shoes one day and hiking boots the next; sipping tea out of a pretty cup and slurping hot coffee from a camping mug; challenging herself physically and stopping for quiet unhurried moments to feel the wind on her face. Kelly and her husband Matthew seek to live a fun and adventurous life with their four children and pet bird.

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  1. says

    WOW Kelly so awesome! I love the new site and sorry to hear about the hacking! Why people hack I don’t know!
    I love the owl crayons but everything is just beautiful such a lovely giveaway and beautiful sponsors!

  2. Charlie says

    the new look is gr8 easy to navigate and really like the colours and why you chose them.
    thanks for the gr8 bloggs:) and the prizes are amazing will definately be looking a few of these up

  3. says

    I love it! Yes, the old sight was familiar and like an ‘old familiar friend’ but this is just like a new outfit. It has inspired me to makeover my blog and make it more modern, just not sure where to start, but thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Melanie Graham says

    So sorry to hear about the stress you have had recently. But I love, love, love, your new look site and just know that it will be wonderful and will take you far. Thank you for sharing all those gorgeous sponsor’s websites with us. Wow! What beautiful prizes.

  5. rachelle says

    Hi Kelly, I LOVE the new webpage. Have followed you for ages now and when I read about your page being hacked I was shocked but seems there has been so much of this happening lately. Glad you are back and love the look of all the giveaways. Thank you for sharing their pages have now come across more fun things to share with my little girls.
    Keep up the great work. Xx

  6. Laura says

    Refered by House of Baby Piranha. Love the concept of the website. Will have to keep stopping by!

  7. Erica Swarts says

    I was sooo happy when I found your awesome page – Loving the brigthness and cheeriness of this page – so reflects what a fun mum should be – bright and cheery! Oh and sooo glad you could save the comments – keep up this awesome page :)

  8. Cynthia says

    Love the new website setup. It is so light and airy and cheerful. The rainbow colored hearts remind of my favorite shirt when I was 12!! What wonderful prizes as well…fingers crossed. 😉

  9. Gillian says

    Love the new site, you won’t believe it but I was just thinking to myself, I actually feeling refreshed from the bright and airy look of it! :)

    And what a great array of prizes! I love supporting smaller/local/hand-made enterprises, and some of the ones you’ve featured are among my favourites! I love Facebook for discovering new friends and fun! :)

  10. michelle says

    As a stay at home mum of three under 3.5 I often have blaaaa days. Your blog really does lift my spirits and your love the moment challenges are truly inspirational. Thank you for being YOU!

  11. saps says

    Love the new theme is my answer.
    Its very new n unique and eye catching.
    Love reading your blog and always find inspiration from it.

  12. Shannon says

    Love the idea. I love being a Mum & try to embrace each mad, hectic, frustrating, hilarious, exhausting, lovely phase as it comes along. Such a journey. Thanks for the great ideas, I steal them all the time & my girls think I’m a genius ;-). May have developed a bit of an addiction to Lunchboxes with Love stuff though…

  13. Billyjean says

    What a great blog, I’m sure I’ll be back for ideas and inspiration on a regular basis! Thanks!!

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