6 Ways to Use Brown Craft (Kraft) Paper

Activities for Kids: Make a Treasure Map

Kraft paper: every home should have a roll!

One of the items I keep in our mobile art space is a roll of brown Craft (Kraft) Paper. It’s so useful! Kraft paper is stronger than butchers paper, and you can pick up a roll from Officeworks for $3.95

Here are 5 ways I use the Kraft paper:

1. Make a Treasure Map

All you need is a texter and your imagination! This is a fun open ended play idea with enormous potential for imaginative play.  This doesn’t have to be an actual treasure hunt; my daughter played independently and created her own imaginary treasure.

Activities for Kids: Make a treasure map

2. Gift Wrapping Paper

I rarely buy specialised wrapping paper anymore (well, maybe for weddings) and use brown paper instead.

Colourful Wrapping:  I recruit my kids to decorate a piece of brown paper. Felt pens, oil pastels, and crayons work best. After the creation is complete, we wrap the present. 

child drawing on brown Kraft paper wrappped present

Classy Wrapping: Brown paper can look classy. Just add a colourful bow and you’re good to go (that rhymes and everything).

Brown Paper Present

3. Postage

Brown paper can be used to wrap packages and books to post in the mail. Postage stamps can be stuck directly on the package.

4. Wrapping School Books

Say “no” to contact and “yes” to brown paper. Here’s a step by step instruction on  how to cover school books.

5. Birthday Parties & Functions

Cover the birthday party in tables with paper and provide a variety of colouring materials. This way, children can draw over the table as an activity.

6. Protect Tables and Floors

You can protect tables and floors when doing messy craft projects or painting. 

Table: Simply tape paper on the top of the table using tape. 

Floors: Kraft paper can be used for floors for painting projects. It’s best to use masking tape (cream colour) not packing tape (clear or brown)


I’m sure there are many more ways to use Brown Kraft paper. Every household should have  roll on hand.

Do you use Brown Kraft Paper at home?

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  1. Annette says

    Love the ideas for brown paper. I haven’t thought of using it for presents before and love the inspiration for drawing it provides.

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