Milk Bottle Lids: Dinner Plates

Milk bottle lids are the perfect size for doll dinner plates.  Draw your own food on a piece of paper or use the free template below with a range of food options.  There is no need for glue, simply cut out around the circle and press inside the milk bottle lid.  This way, it’s easy to change the food at whim!

{Click the picture for the PDF}

milk bottle lid craft print out

Milk Bottle Lid Dinner Plates

In action

Be A Fun Mum reader, Amy-Leigh, sent in these pictures of the doll plates her daughter made. Fantastic!

bottle cap craft -- doll dinner plates

bottle cap 2


Milk Bottle Lid Crafts

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More ways to use the Milk Bottle Lid Template

Click the relevant picture for more infomation.

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imaginative play scene: rocks

milk bottle lid craft: animial water trough

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Milk Bottle Lid Dinner Plates

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