Family Fun: Taking a Walk Down Memory Lane

Family Fun: Revist Childhood Memories

I felt a buzz as I looked around the familiar setting. Memories flooded back as I remembered myself as a carefree child running around in the cool mountain air making stick cubby houses and drinking hot Milo. Fast forward 20 years and here I was, not a child anymore, but a parent, bringing my my own children to Tamborine Mountain for the annual Easter Convention. It was the first time our family was able to attend the convention for the entire weekend and I was reminded of the importance of family tradition and sharing my history with the children.

I believe dedicated family time and sharing your own history with your kids is important. Here are five reasons why.

1. The Glue: Holding Memories Together

My strongest childhood memories surround family holidays: the annual beach holiday, Easter, Christmas and speical food. I remember other wonderful things about my childhood too, but these memories are a little blurred. As I look back over my life, I can see that dedicated family time is like a glue, holding memories together and forming a picture of an overwhelmingly happy childhood. It’s  comforting to know, that even though I know my parents had struggles like any family, that’s not what I remember. I trust the same for my children too: That they will remember their childhood fondly.

2. Connection: Family Traditions & Heritage

My sister (who was also camping with her kids) suggested we take the children on a night time bush-walk to see the glow worms, like our parents had done with us. It was magical. The glow worms were there at Curtis Falls, just as I remembered. It was hard to capture the beauty of the glow worms so you’ll just have to go and look at them yourself.

{WARNING: if you don’t want to see my husband and I kiss, don’t watch the movie}


3. Fun: Family Outing Ideas

One afternoon, we drove up to Binna Burra, in the Gold Coast Hinterland,  to show the kids where my husband and I honeymooned over 11 years ago.  We told them the stories of our time there.

Like when Daddy abseiled down the cliff first to unhook the rope from the tree and how Mummy’s long hair got caught in the ropes. Of  courses Daddy saved her! {oh the romance}

We told them of the 22 km hike we walked. Even thought we were tired, we couldn’t stop because every time we did, leeches crept out to suck our blood. {oh the drama}

And when we flew through the trees on the longest flying fox in the Southern Hemisphere. {oh the adventure} 

It was special planning a family outing around memories from my past.

4. Holding: Family Sticking Power

When I hit the teenager years, I still wanted to hang with my family. Because we were a happening family. We did stuff — you know? So perhaps doing things as a family has a strong holding power as children grow. My family life was anything but boring!

5. Remembering: Not Losing Touch

It was good for me to remember. To remember what it felt like to be a child. To remember that I was once a honeymooner. To remember the glow of a bonfire and trying to get the perfect toasted marshmallow. To remember my faith and renew what I believe and why.

I’ve come down from the mountain with a renewed vigor and passion to share my life with my children.

To participate in my children’s lives rather than be a distant overseer.  Because I remember.

To be more patient when my kids are engrossed in a elaborate game. Because I remember.

To facilitate more creative play. Because I remember.

To make the effort to do that Easter egg hunt. Because I remember.

To live out my faith, and use words only when necessary. Because I remember.

To always plan an annual family holiday. Because I remember.

When you’re planning your next family day out of holiday, consider revisiting somewhere that holds personal significance to share with your child/ren.

Have you taken your kids down memory lane? Where to?

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    What a wonderful Easter Break and a great idea. We have a tradition to take photos in the same places as our childhood. Taronga Zoo, Luna Park even at the National Park where they used to film Skippy (or so I was told as a kid).

  2. says

    Well of course I had to watch the movie! What a couple you two make! Thanks for sharing a little of your holiday with us Kel, and I love your Easter resolutions.

  3. says

    “I was reminded of the importance of family tradition and sharing my history with the children.”

    I totally agree with the importance of family tradition because when the kids grow up thats one of the things that they will never forget.

  4. says

    It really is nice to read about your perceptions of your childhood memories…and specifically how you most remember the family holidays.

    I am the same. I can so vividly remember most Christmases and family camping trips but can’t remember a darn thing about being at school or even playing sports as a kid (a few but there not so vivid)…

    I wonder if this is true for every single human – this family glue thing.

    I like your blog.

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