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Another month has clicked over. Click. Did you feel it?  I didn’t.  I do wonder sometimes where all the time goes. I seem to lose huge chunks of time somewhere, months even. That’s what I love about the Love the Moment challenges: It’s not about the big picture, as such, but about celebrating all the little moments that make life so precious.

If you’re wondering what these challenges are about, you may like to read the previous posts in the series.

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The challenge is a flexible thing. You can do a challenge everyday, a particular day or even just one day of the month! You can even make up your own. Just remember the little things. Because little things: they are big things.

Little things: They are big things.

— Love the Moment

love the moment challenge marchClick on the image to print the calender.

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Love the Moment Challenge: January

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  1. says

    My kids aren’t young but I could feel myself grinning at the thought of so many of these activities. Cubby under the table is an old favourite, and petals in a bowl is something I often do in the garden.

    This is such a great resource, Kel!

    • says

      I bet Stacey. Oh, and being massively pregnant in the height of summer is the pits! And I know if I say to you “It will pass” you may not believe me. By the end stage I always felt I was going to be pregnant FOREVER! But “It will pass” 😉 xx

  2. says

    I have printed your calendar these past two months. I just did the March one and hoping that this is the month that I participate. Thanks for sharing the idea. It is brilliant!

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