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Emma’s a strikingly energetic and capable person. She looked so right sitting in her country cottage, surrounded by acres of land, horses, dogs, chickens, cattle and various machinery.Emma’s small wooden clad cottage was surprisingly roomy inside.  It was well organised, uncluttered yet homey and welcoming. Everywhere I looked, there was texture to feast my eyes on: old locks, peeling paint, rusty tanks, red dirt, green grass.  Such a refreshing change from the structure and fast pace of  my own urban lifestyle.  I felt quite envious as Emma talked with me about living in the country.

emmas country cottage

Emma with her three children.

Did you grow up in the country?

No, I lived in the city for most of my life. But our family did have a holiday farm and I always loved going there as a child.

Did you always want to live in the country?

As long as I can remember, I wanted to marry a farmer and live in the country. And I did! I married a gorgeous farmer and live out in the Lockyer Valley, about 2 hours from Brisbane.

Country Cottage. Country Living

What is your favourite thing about living in the country?

The space. The room to move. The ability to ride my horses, train my dogs and ride my motorbike. I also love the simple way of living out here. I’m a very black and white sort of person so the country life suits me.

Country Cottage: Country Living

“I love the simple way of living out here. I’m a very black and white sort of person so the country life suits me.”

What are the drawbacks of country living?

There aren’t many shops around so going to appointments take up the whole day. That’s about the only drawback I can think of!

Your country cottage is small.  How do you optimise space with three children in the house?

I love the Ikea [Expedit] storage system. I have 3 in the house. I don’t have a lot of toys inside but have heaps of outside toys.

Country cottage. Storage saver Ikea Expedit system

Are you  self-sufficient?

I love the idea of being self-sufficient but right now it’s too hard: I’m looking after 3 children under three and have a husband who is gone long hours. So at the moment I’m growing pumpkin and we use our own cattle for meat. Oh, and we have chickens too.

country living: country cottage: chickens

What is your best tip for organising your home?

Keep it simple! I keep my house uncluttered so I can keep it organised. I have a very child-friendly house too. I have a special hat rack down low so the children can get their own hat every time they are outside and I have baskets down low with plastic cups and plates. I think it’s really important to teach kids independence. Having my house this way is also a way for my son [with speech problems]  to communicate with me.  When he’s thirsty, he’ll go and get a cup out. When he’s hungry, he’ll grab a plate.

country living: country home

I love your entrance. It’s warm and friendly. And what’s the cute hanging scales for?

Country living: country home: entranceWell, basically I wanted a place for my husband to put all his crap as he walks in the door so he doesn’t leave it around the house. And it works! He dumps everything from his pockets as he puts his hat up and I clean it out every 6 months.

What is one of your favourite things inside the home?

I’ve started to cook everything from scratch so I’m loving my spice holder. It’s [cooking from scratch] easier than I thought.


country living: country cottage: Kitchen

What would you say to someone considering moving to the country?

{Laughing} Don’t do it! Because then there will be too many people out here! But seriously, living in the country is a great place to raise kids and it’s a great lifestyle but it’s not for everyone.

country cottage country living


Emma, as I look over the countryside, I understand why you live here. Yes, I do.

Anyone else enjoying country living? Anyone dreaming of living in the country?

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  1. says

    I often fantasise about our own cottage on acres – chooks, fruit trees, vegetable garden, permaculture principles with a dash of weedkiller when nobody’s looking… and then I remember how much work’s involved and how much easier my suburban lifestyle is, and I chicken out.

    But your photos and Emma’s words just gave that chicken-heartedness a serious nudge!

  2. Mally says

    Your place looks gorgeous! So green and your house (from what is shown) looks so cute and homely! I’d love be self sufficient to an extent, although I love electricity and having plenty of water LOL, so it’d only be food type things.

    I imagine living away from shops can be a good thing at the same time…You wouldn’t walk through them and get impulsive and spend money very often! 😉

    Beautiful home Em :)

  3. says

    I’m planning a move to the country in the next frew months. I’m over the crowds, the traffic, the rat race. I don’t want to live on acres and acres just yet, but a large block in a medium sized country town would be ideal to test the waters. Yes, chooks and bunnies and a vegie patch…. The kids are very excited!

  4. says

    Well this is timely for me. We move out to the country in 3 weeks! We have an almost 3 acre piece of heaven. We will have to get used to water tanks and snakes, but we have been training at being self sufficient for years, so we have a good head start. Thanks for the glimpse into your beautiful, country lifestyle Emma. (Don’t worry, we waited for someone to leave before we made our move, so we are not overcrowding the countryside! Though we are a family of 6 replacing an older couple…but it’s good for the schools!)

  5. says

    Yep, I love living in the country, although I’m a townie. I love the short commute, meaning Hubby gets to spend more time with me and our children, and the sense of community. You see the same people at the park, at the library and at the shops – it may seem boring to some but I like it.

  6. Karen says

    Yep, we love living in the country! We’re 18km’s from the closest shop and the kids school. We have the farm with cattle, horse, dogs, cats (used to have a pig, ducks and turkey’s but they’ve been eaten! haha). Everyone comments on the view from our house! The peace and quiet and open spaces, our own creek, a road that the kids can ride their bikes freely on as there is no traffic. Neighbours being half a km away! :)

  7. Kat says

    Oh wow! Such a wonderful home you have! My husband and I want to eventually move to a more ‘country’ home. We currently live in the outer northern suburbs and it’s a good start – has a slight country feel and community spirit we love. Would be great to have plenty of room for the kids to play though :)

  8. amy says

    love it… and you Em, your house is so you and Mark, I love visiting there… hope to see you this weekend,And those pictures are fantastic!!! (love that hand chair: )

  9. Bonnie says

    This is the first time I’ve seen this post! ‘Smazing! I love the photos and I think the house looks so clean and organised! How do you do it with 3 munchkins Emma?

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