Creative Kids: No Toys Required

My kids loved making their own cut-out “toys” to play with. Such a simple idea with so much potential for creativity.

1. Think of what you want to play with

2. Draw characters (or objects)

3. Go outside (or stay inside)

4. Play

no toys required

What a creative way to play!  No toys required.

no toys required

For younger children, you may like to use this Paper Doll template: Paper Dolls

I’m joining in this week with Childhood101 We Play.

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  1. says

    Jen, mine was my dollhouse made out of a shoe box, with chests of drawers and beds made from matchboxes. The dolls were those strange plastic pink ones that were always in a sitting position with their arms outstretched. Very tricky to put to bed! Thanks for reminding me of something that made my childhood very special.

  2. says

    Sometimes we cut out little figures from toy packaging–like some fairies from a tinkerbell toy she got for her birthday–they make great paper dolls and are very sturdy since they are made out of cardboard.

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