Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011: The Reason I Blog

Think of something you love. Or love to do. Your passion, let’s say. Now times that by 170 and you have the buzz of the Aussie Bloggers Conference. You see, it wasn’t just any conference. The Aussie Bloggers Conference saw a group of diverse, interesting and passionate people come together. It didn’t matter why they blogged or on what subject; it was more about the fact that blogging is about community, point of view, and most of all: passion.

But wait. There’s more. Think of something you love. Or love to do. Your passion, let’s say. Now times that by 170, and then again by 1000.  As bloggers shared throughout the day, it because obvious to me that each blogger represented a community and, in an unearthly way, it was almost like the readers were there in the room adding to the buzz. 

In this modern world we live in, as we wade through the busyness and commercialisation, we often live parallel lives. Living side by side without crossing paths or taking the time to share our lives with others. Yet what I experienced on the weekend, was community. And not just of bloggers. Of people. People connecting. People sharing. Learning. Growing. Helping. Giving. Teaching. Caring. Loving. Truly an overwhelmingly beautiful thing!

And that is why blogging, especially personal blogging,  is powerful. It encourages community. It acknowledges the everyday normal. It celebrates  knowledge and personal growth. It puts faces behind products. It’s reaching out. It’s connecting. It’s growing. It’s about bringing a human touch to every subject you can think of! And that, is why I love blogging.

I’m not going to go into all the ins and outs of the conference in this post. You can read about the content side of the conference by reading the various links listed on this page: Aussie Bloggers Conference 2011 Links

What I do want to share is five things that stuck with me, and set the tone of the conference.


@MarkPollard made a point regarding branding that stood out in my mind: Be aware of who you are and know what you’re about. I love this concept. In terms of blogging, I believe knowing who you are is paramount in producing and fine tuning a brand.

Using Social Media

@YvetteVignando was an utter delight! She said when projecting yourself in the social media channels to be authentically you.


@SassySEO I loved listening to Kristin from SassySEO speak. She has such an engaging manner and obviously enjoys her work. “Find your passion and be authentic,” she said

Success of blog posts

@Woogsworld measures the success of a post, not by how many hits or comments she receives, but rather “if I enjoyed writing it”.  I believe this comes through to readers: when the writer enjoys putting the post together. Plus Mrs Woog has great eyebrows. Just saying.


@Edenland said one simple line that hit me: Keep on going; keep on growing. This is is very much in line with my saying: keep on keeping on. Her post reading was one of the highlights of the day for me.  Read her entire post here. You won’t regret it.

Know who you are…

Be authentic…

Find your passion…

Enjoy what you do…

Keep going and growing.

When you bring these five things to blogging, you’re sure to spread joy to many.

Know who you are…

Be authentic…

Find your passion…

Enjoy what you do…

Keep going and growing.

This sums up the conference for me. This sums up blogging.

I want to leave you with some pictures of some of the wonderful people I met.

Photos taken with my iphone.

Aussie Bloggers Conference ausblogcon2011

1. Law and Shoes    2. Michelle Farmers Wifey

3. Louisa Everything is Edible    4. Brenda Mummytime

5. Glowless Where’s My Glow?    6. Zoey Goodgoog

7. Lucy from Diminishing Lucy    8. Nic Planning with Kids

9. Colin SuperParents    10. Nikki Styling You

11. Mrs Woog Woogsworld    12. Cath SquiggleMum

* Names left out if not shown on their own website.

The best thing about going away?  Coming home.


Aussie Bloggers Conference: A Mum in a Strange Big City

Video Blogging: I didn’t get time to do many Vlogs! The few I did are on my YouTube Channel.

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Kelly loves life at both ends of the spectrum: wearing high heel shoes one day and hiking boots the next; sipping tea out of a pretty cup and slurping hot coffee from a camping mug; challenging herself physically and stopping for quiet unhurried moments to feel the wind on her face. Kelly and her husband Matthew seek to live a fun and adventurous life with their four children and pet bird.

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  1. says

    Hahahaha Do you have our present?!?! LOVE IT!
    Great photos and great recap. I need to print those words out and stick it above my desk!
    Meeting and chatting with you was a definite highlight of the weekend for me.
    And you rocked those pearls at dinner! x

    • says

      BAHAHAHA! That made me laugh too. So classic. Whenever my husband or I are away, we get the kids a little present. It’s become a special thing for them to look forward to.

      Lovely meeting your ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS self! You’re smashing. xx

  2. says

    Great post. I agree that the strongest messages from the conference were about the importance of being authentic and knowing who you are/what your passion is. It was also wonderful to feel part of a large, dynamic, diverse community.

    So wonderful to meet you on the weekend. I’m disappointed we didn’t get a photo – maybe next year?

    • says

      YES! Next year! Really enjoyed talking with you and Meredith about books! So nice to hear from 1. people who love books and 2. who have such a balanced view. Thanks for getting that list to me too. Printed it out to give to my daughter xx

  3. Mrs Woog says

    Wonderful recap Kel. And you are also gifted in the eyebrow area. I have not seen a bad photo of you yet!

    Loved LOVED meeting you! xx

  4. says

    Kelly – Great highlight! And thanks for including me in your photos. How did you get them looking so good when they were taken off YOUR PHONE??!!!?!?!? See … you’ve got the magic touch!!! :-) LOL. Have a great rest of the week! And btw …. you don’t have to worry about showing anyone my toe socks. Colin

  5. says

    It was so lovely to finally have met you. I found it so refreshing to learn that all my favourite bloggers are actually real people, just like me.

    For me, that message about being authentic also struck a chord, I don’t want to fit into a mould, I want to make my own…

    • says

      Dorothy! You are amazing! I couldn’t find any photos of us… the ones we tried did work on my phone LOL. Yep. I’m as real as they come. And I found that too: Everyone was just so…normal…in an adnormal way — you know? HA! So nice to meet you face to face Dorothy. xx

  6. says

    Loved reading what points stood out for you. They all really hit home for me!
    Wonderful video too. Makes me laugh!! Ah, children…. :)
    Can’t wait to meet you at next year’s AusBlogCon!! :)

    • says

      Thanks Kel. I really would have LOVED to meet you. Next time–hey?

      The video is classic isn’t it? First thing: Do you have our present? Then kiss and cuddles. They have their priorities right LOL.

  7. says

    Hallloooooo there gorgeous.

    I have to say that I noticed you as soon as I arrived, you have style in abundance. Not only that but you are as generous spirited, funny and fab in real life as you are in writing.

    Can you imagine how much fun we’d have descending on the Louboutin store in Sydney? Do you think we’d be escorted from the premises for making too much noise ;)?

    This is a terrific recap post – it’s nice to see everybody again

    • says

      You, my friend, are an absolute dynamite. I’m desperate to see your entire shoe collection!!!

      Thank you for SUCH a kind, wonderful comment!

      We should have totally made time to do some Louboutin (window or not so window) shopping.

      I’m working on a guest post for you. :)

  8. says

    Great post and wonderful photos…and a fantastic inspiration to get me blogging more enthusiastically asap. Just before I read this post I was vacumming – and realised I was writing blog posts in my head – and that I rarely actually get to the next step of writing them. So this gave me some great ideas to move forward with – THANKS! Looking forward to you sharing this knowledge at our next Professional Parents Business Brainstorming lunch, I’m sure myself-and everyone else-can benefit from your amazing blogging talent! x

  9. Kim says

    I am a blog reading addict (There I’ve said it) :-)
    Love this post and that you all had such a lovely time together…I think being a reader and avid follower that these points …

    Know who you are…
    Be authentic…
    Find your passion…
    Enjoy what you do…
    Keep going and growing

    are why I am addicted. It’s so good to know that other Mums/people generally have similar interests, parenting challenges and loads of fun in life. Woo Hoo!!

  10. says

    I knew I would get to experience the conference vicariously through your blog and it was worth the wait! The pics are lovely. I am so impressed with how elegant everyone looks, but more importantly, how happy.

    Only one thing I want to know: what present did you bring the kids?

    • says

      Thank you BC. I know you would have loved the conference. Maybe next year?

      Presents: HA! Well, fortunately for me, the ABC swag bag was FILLED TO THE BRIM with all sorts of goodies for the kids.

  11. says

    Kelly, you ar egorgeous. We are gorgeous. So gorgeous you doubled up on #6 and missed me off! No matter.

    It was really a delight spending time with you- could’ve chatted all weekend to you! xx

  12. says

    Loved this! You captured all the points that struck me as well. The filling-up points :)

    Wish I had met you the night before and not when our heads were full of “which gate do I have to get to?” Ah well. At least we can say we met! xox

    LOL – have you got our presents. Too cute. No hi mum, we missed you… ROFL.

  13. says

    Thank you for sharing Kelly…you gave a great insight of what happened…you always looks so good in photos very photogenic.. xxx You shared some really great points!

  14. says

    Great summary, thank you so much for sharing so that sillies like me that decided not to go can get some insight! Sounds like it was an amazing day, I really wish I could have been there. You look gorgeous! Actually, everyone does! Must be the love in the room :)

    See you at AusBlogCon12??

  15. says

    What a wonderful post …. and I loved peeking into your homecoming! Makes you want to go away again, no? Heh.

    You have beautiful eyes. That is all.

  16. says

    Hi Kelly, Wasn’t the conference so much fun, but so manic and with my nerves I didn’t get to meet as many people as I would have liked. And at the airport, I didn’t put two and two together and realise you were you until after you had left to get your flight because like you I get really focussed at airports about just getting to the plane. So next year, will make sure I get to say a proper hello. xxx

    • says

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