Activities for Children Under Two

Toddlers are busy little people.  How do you keep them occupied all day? Now that’s a question. It’s tricky balance between keeping them super busy and having enough quiet time so the child doesn’t get too cranky tired. I go out many mornings to break up my day, followed by some rest at home. It’s helpful to have home activities up your sleeve too.  I’ve put together this post with tips and links I hope you find helpful and inspiring. What are your best tips?

1. Yoghurt finger painting

activities for toddlers yoghurt painting

Yoghurt painting is a wonderful sensory activity for babies.

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2. Make Lunch Fun for Little Ones

Simple lunch idea to get the kids involved. Read more…

3. Coloured Spaghetti Play

coloured spagetti

This sensory activity can double as lunch!

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4. Disney Family Fun: Glueless collages

Glueless Collages

Use clear contact and provide a selection of collage paper, glitter, feathers and other craft items.  When the child is finished press the contact on paper.

“I did a lot of these collages using different shapes with my daughter.  We put them around her room and talked about different shapes.” — Mardi Grey
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5. Playdough Recipe

playdough recipe

Playdough  is always a hit. This recipe does not require cooking: K-3 Teacher Resources Playdough Recipe.

Tip: Add glitter to make it a bit special!

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6. Goop Recipe

goop recipe

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7. Water Play

water play

Fill an empty container with water and place some toys nearby.

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8. Bottle Boats

My kids love this: Add an empty soft drink bottle to the bath.

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9. Painting

early art techniques

Introduce simple painting techniques to young children. Read more…

10. Rainbow Spray Bottle Art

All you need is an old sheet, spray bottles and food colouring. Lay a sheet on a hedge, clothes line or fence and spray with coloured water. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon.

11. Music

toddler playing with saucepans

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a wooden spoon on a saucepan.

One-to-One Movement Activities at Home With Children Under Two

Voice Play with Children Under Two

12. Montessori Activities

montessori sensory box

Sensory bottles: Fill an empty plastic bottle with different materials such as rice, pasta and add glitter or some powder paint.

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Treasure bag: Place an assortment of baby safe items in a bag. For example: toilet rolls, empty yoghurt containers, bells, balls, feathers – you name it put it in there – it’s fascinating to watch children check everything out, then combine different things (this is a great rainy day activity to have tucked away in a cupboard somewhere).

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Sensory box: Fill a box with different textures such as sand, cooked spaghetti (add a squirt olive oil), cotton balls, shells or toys.  On hot days, an outside version is a box filled with ice (use an old icecream container) with toys/treasures inside.  This is an activitity they’ll keep coming back to.

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Mardi Grey

13. Photo books

make a photo book

Buy a cheap photo album and fill with pictures of people and faces. The images can be of people you know or just from magazines – babies & toddlers are fascinated by faces.

14. Play: Without Toys

Toddler Play Ideas - Utensils

Simple, easy ways to entertain your toddler with things around the house: 10 Simple Play Ideas for Toddlers (that Don’t Involve Toys!)

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15. Facepainting

Easy Face Painting

Facepainting crayons are a easy to use.

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16. More Ideas

* Have a Picnic outside

* Make fruit kebabs: Chop up different fruits and allow the child to  make their own

* Treading: Fruit, pasta, cardboard, cereal

* Bread Pizza: Spread tomato paste and sprinkle toppings on

* Blow bubbles: Add a drop of essential oil so it smells nice

* Make a cubby: Put a sheet over the table and place pillows underneath

* Ice biscuits

* Dance to music: use spoons to make some noise

* Glue magazine pictures to paper. You can add pasta or oats to the mix too!

* Cardboard box towers (different sizes)

* Sock puppets

* Finger painting

* Dress ups

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  1. says

    What an excellent collection of ideas! As well as spray bottles filled with Edicol non toxic dye powder and water, I would give my kids buckets of the same coloured water and old wide house paintbrushes. They were allowed to paint the fence, the house, trees, concrete etc. And don’t forget reading to them from loved and new picture books. That puts kids firmly on the path to reading.

  2. Tebogo says

    What an excellent collection of ideas! As well as spray bottles filled with Edicol non toxic dye powder and water, I would give my kids buckets of the same coloured water and old wide house paintbrushes.

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