Go Green: Environmentally Friendly Back to School Products

Green is the new black and my kids don’t let me forget it.  “Mum, don’t throw that out, we can recycle it.”

The current environmentally friendly awareness trend is a good thing, and I am trying to make small changes in the way I do things at home to help create a sustainable way of living.

School is just around the corner so I’ve put together a comprehensive guide of green products available to help you make this school year, an environmentally friendly one.

Click on the pictures for more details.

Lopees: Environmentally Reusable Envelopes

Lopees Environmentally Friendly Evelopes School

As a parent, have you ever found yourself searching the house for a paper envelope to send something to school, or noticed your child’s school books ripped and dirty in the bottom of their bag? Why not check out the Lopees product list for all your school and business solutions?

Kids Konserve: Food Kozy Sandwich Wraps


environmentally friendly school lunch box sandwich wrap

Food Kozy wraps save wasting cling film day after day. BPA free, lead free, PVC free and phthalate free.

SMASH: Rubbish Free Lunch Box

smash rubish free lunch box

Available at supermarkets.


Bento: Goodbyn Lunchboxes

Bento Environmentally Friendly School Lunchboxes colours

A lunchbox free from BPA, phthalates & lead. Kids can personalise with stickers included. Comes with drink bottle.

Cheeki: Stanless Steel Drinking Bottles

cheeki stanless steel environmentally friendly school drink bottles green

Australian-owned brand launched with the aim of supplying safe, healthy and fun stainless steel bottles.

Ewan: Stainless Steel Drinking Bottles

ewan stainless steel drinking bottles

The goal at Ewan Bottles is to provide high quality stainless steel water bottles at a reasonable price. The Ewan stainless steel water bottles are eye grabbing, edgy and chic.   All Ewan bottles are BPA free and use non-toxic inks.

Harlequin School Bags: Eco Friendly Backback School Bags

harlequin school bags ergo_tuff_pack

A world first, Harlequin is proud to launch the first ever school Library bag to be made from 100% PET recycled fabric.  As our business was born with our now famous Harlequin Library bags, we thought it only fitting that our Original Library Bag should have the honour of launching Australia’s first eco conscious School Bag.

Munchler: Insulated Lunch Bags

Munchler Insulated Lunch Bags

Meet Benny the Bengal tiger, Boo the friendly pink panda, Meadow the gentle bunny rabbit and Lefty the playful puppy dog. Created by award-winning children’s book illustrator, Stephen Savage, they bring whimsical fun to the practicality of carrying lunch around.

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  1. Nicole says

    I bought a Cheeki drink bottle for my daughter and it LEAKED in my handbag, killing my mobile phone (despite a Cheeki rep assuring me that they are leak proof). I emailed them months ago to see if they would either replace the bottle or refund the money, but have had no response. Would definitely not recommend them. I use Thermos stainless steel bottles now and have had no issues.

  2. says

    When i was younger, the best part about going back to school was all the new stationary and sometimes the new lunchboxes/drink bottles. Seriously! I used to get so excited over it. I think i still do just a tad :)

    Hope you’re having a wonderful first week of 2011, hopefully my card has arrived..

    OH! And hope the move is going well, you’ll have to send me your new address so that if you dont end up getting my xmas card, i can send you a ‘congrats on the move’ card instead :)

    Much love,

    K xx

  3. says

    Brilliant list :)

    We use the CamelBak drink bottles for my girls as you have to bite the spout to get the water out – great for my oral sensory seeking Heidi :)

    I was thrilled when my sister in law gave my girls reusable fabric lunch bags for Christmas – they have a plastic pocket on the front that you can slide the lunch order request and money into.

    We got the girls KeepCups for Christmas so when the winter lunch order menu is available in terms 2 & 3 they can use their Keep Cups for their hot chocolate or soup :)

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