Easter Egg Wand

These Easter Egg wands are simply sweet, and can be used as craft for kids or Easter table centrepiece.

Easter Craft: Easter Egg Wand


  • Kebab stick (or paddle pop for younger children). Cut the sharp end off the kebab stick.
  • Foam egg shape
  • Tacky Craft Glue (do not use regular clear craft glue on foam as it will corrode)
  • Glitter
  • Ribbon

1.Press a kebab stick (or paddle pop stick) into the base of the foam egg. It’s a good idea to but a little glue on the end of the stick before inserting so it stays in place.

2. Cover the foam egg in Tacky Craft Glue and then press into a plate full of glitter.  For a mess free option, decorate with permanent marker or felt pens.

3. Tie a ribbon just underneath the egg.  To keep the bow in place, use a little glue.

4. Place in a pot plant to dry.

Easter Craft: Easter Egg Wand


Use to play

Use as a table centrepiece too

Easter Craft -- Easter Egg Wand

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