Anyone Can Do It: Face Painting

I keep a stash of face painting crayons in the cupboard. You don’t have to be in any way artistic to do face painting on young children.  These drawings took me 3 minutes. The kids wanted to paint my face too and I almost said no.  Then I thought, why not! This entire activity took less than 10 min but opened up hours of role play. I’m learning that if I invest a little time, doing something creative with the kids, it sets up the entire tone of the day.

Here are some of super simple designs I use:

Easy Face painting designs

Even my older girls were happy with my VERY simple creations. 

Christmas Reindeer Face painting

Tip: Make-up remover is ideal for wiping the crayon off.

If you have the correct type of paints and you fancy trying something more complex, I found step by step face painting instructions for these designs.

Easy Face Painting Ideas

L to R: Tiger  Butterfly  Dalmatian  Pirate  Flowers

For more play ideas head over to Childhood101 We Play.

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  1. says

    “I’m learning that if I invest a little time, doing something creative with the kids, it sets up the entire tone of the day.” I agree and would go one step further – you’re setting your kids up to be creative thinkers who look all around them for fun and play rather than narrowly focussing on a tiny screen!

  2. says

    Great ideas! I have a question though: my face paint crayons seemed very hard when I opened them and were quite difficult to draw with on their faces. Any tips for softening them?

    • says

      I had this problem too with some brands of crayons. The crayons have to be oily enough to work. You could try rubbing it between your hands or using warm water with the crayons but in my experience, if you get dud face paining crayons, they are just dud unfortunately… I purchsed the ones I used in the pictures from a discount shop so they weren’t expensive and work well.

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