Backyard Games and Disney Tangled Giveaway

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How long has it been since your family played backyard or board games?  It’s been far too long since I organised a fun day of games for the kids.  Now that school holidays are here, my children are bugging asking me to organise play dates with their cousins.  And what is better to do with cousins than boy verses girl rivalry games?

Note: Disney Tangled Family Movie Ticket Giveaway details are at the end of the post.

backyard party games

I’ve detailed the four games the kids played below.  They are easy to prepare and fun to play.

Cotton Wool Race

backyard party games cotton ball race

Materials: Cotton wool balls, straws

How to play:  Position two children at one end of a table. Give each child a cotton wool ball and a straw.   The object of the game is for the children to blow the cotton wool ball to the end of the table using the straw.  The cotton ball that reaches the end of the table first wins!  If the cotton wool ball falls off the side of the table, the player must pick the ball off the ground and start at the beginning.

Age: 2+

Who won: Girls

Balloon High

Backyard party games balloon game

Materials: Balloons

How to play: The object of the game is to keep the balloon off the ground.  No holding.  If the balloon hits the ground, that person is out.

Age: 4+

Who won: Boys

Trampoline Poison ball

backyard party games poision ball

Materials: Soft ball, trampoline (or play it on the ground)

How to play: Divide children into two teams.  The object of the game is for the team on the outside of the circle to roll the ball and hit the feet of the children on the inside of the circle.

Age: 5+

Who won: Boys

Clip Art Snap/Memory Game

board games party games snap memory

Materials:  Make your own clip art cards or print my template here: Clip Art Snap/Memory Game.  Use thick paper so the image does not transfer through the paper.

How to play

Memory: Shuffle the cards and lay them down in neat rows. A player turns over any two cards to see if they match. If they match, the player keeps the cards and turns over two more cards.  This play continues until the two cards don’t match.  If they do not match, the player turns the cards face down again in the same location and the next player takes their turn.  The winner is the one who has the most cards at the end of the game.

Snap: Place the cards face down in a pile.  Create a new pile by turning over one card the right way up.  Taking turns, each player draws a card from the turned-down pile and places it on the other pile.  If the card is matching, the player who says “snap” first wins the cards in that pile.  The winner is the one with the most cards at the end.

Age: 3+

Who won: Girls

Boy vs Girls

Who won? It was two apiece.  The boys dominated the outside games and the girls ruled the concentration games.  Interesting.  Most of all, the children had an absolute ball!


Want to see a classic boy verses girl movie? This is it.

 disney tangled movie 2010

Walt Disney Pictures presents Tangled, an action-packed, swashbuckling, animated musical comedy about the girl behind 70 feet of magical, golden hair. A princess stolen from her parents’ castle as a baby, Rapunzel (voice of MANDY MOORE) is locked in a hidden tower longing for adventure. Now an imaginative and determined teenager, she takes off on a hilarious, hair-raising escapade with the help of a dashing bandit (voice of ZACHARY LEVI). With the secret of her royal heritage hanging in the balance and her captor in pursuit, Rapunzel and her cohort find adventure, heart, humour, and hair… lots of hair. With original music by Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater, this comedic re-imagining of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale comes to theatres in Disney Digital 3D™.  

Watch the trailer


Tangled Release date: 6 January 2011


I’m excited to be able to give away two family passes (x4 tickets) to see Tangled.  For your chance to win, write a comment in the space below about a favourite team game your family likes to play.

Competition open to Australian residents only and will run from Tuesday December 21 to Sunday 9th January 2011.

Please read the full Terms and conditions.

Blog about it

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The summer holidays are here!  It’s the perfect time to play family backyard and board games or see a family movie together.

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  1. says

    Egg and spoon races are a staple at our family parties. Team up the adults against the children or boys against girls and have egg and spoon relay races :)

  2. says

    We loved playing Pictionary – if the extended family was around we would have family against family. One memorable occasion was when my cousin (then about 9 or 10) drew a massacre instead of mascara!!!

  3. Torie says

    We get the children together and they like playing relay races for outside and memory games inside. Ends up lots of fun.

  4. Melissa scott says

    We are always playing with our dog and a game that’s him against me and the kids is a simple thing of chasing him around to get the football off him. It ends up being rather entertaining since he’s a rather big mastiff.

  5. chantell jacobs says

    myself partner and our 2 girs love to play chricket we have a mini bat which is easy for them to hold and hit the ball so much fun we all love playing and its lovely spending time together and having a laugh :) !!!!

  6. Melinda says

    One of our favourites are ‘Marco Polo’ in the pool. Parents vs kids. The parents are the in middle of the pool with eyes tightly shut while the kids try and sneak past us to the the other side. We yell ‘Marco!’ and if they’re above the water they have to say ‘Polo!’ It’s so funny to hear their petrified ‘Polo’s’ as we close in on them.(Of course we sneak a peak if we can’t hear them to check they’re safe :) )

  7. says

    One of my faves is Moonball in the pool or on land. Get a big beachball and everyone tries to break the world Moonball record by keeping it aloft. Kids (and adults) learn to co-operate rather than star, by hitting it up so others can get it. The record is 15 and then if you beat it, you try to beat your own record.

  8. One Fried Egg- aka Vik says

    My Kids play ‘capture the flag'; After dividing into teams…(and it’s always girls angainst boys because anything else is incomprehensible!), Then they create their team flag on a peice of a4 paper. Here comes the exciting bit….the flags are hidden and then each team has to find the other teams flag and race back to the starting point first screaming at the top of their lungs “We’ve captured your flag!….Girls rule boys drool!….(you get the picture!
    My kids play this all the time for many hours!

  9. Tabitha says

    My 3 boys , my partner and myself love to play footy in the backyard it is 1 of our favorite family pasttimes to do together, what more could you ask for excersise and fun all in one.

  10. Naterlee says

    favourites would have to be hide & seek ( I cheat by moving around when miss 3 isnt looking) and just good ole chasings! giggles galore!

  11. Robyn says

    Love to play uno with my family when i was a kid and still love it now with my own kids and sometimes still with my siblings!! To make itfair with vast ages we have always doubled up a young player with an older one.

  12. Tara says

    Our fav game with Miss 2 and Miss 10mnths is soccer… Miss 2 is learning to be goalie and Miss 10mnths just crawls from person to person, until someone will roll the ball to her… Then she holds onto it 😛 Shes started walking now so she’ll definately be joining in more…. Somehow soccer always ends up turning into horsie rides LOL :)

  13. Genevieve says

    It’s what our 3 and 4 year old daughters call “Chase me really fast and then pretend to eat my toes!!” Instructions: as simple as the title sounds :) Not quite as structured as your inventive game ideas but fun nonetheless!

  14. says

    Our favourite game to play with our cousins (and this is definitely a game where ‘the more the merrier’ applies) was ‘Sardines’ which is like hide and seek in reverse where only one player hides. Everyone splits up to find the hider and when they find him/her they hide with them. As more players find the hider they also hide with them and everyone ends up squashed like ‘sardines in a tin’ in one little hiding place. The last person to find them is whose turn it is next to hide.

  15. Peta Wright says

    A fun game my daughter received as a gift last Christmas was Elefun! It’s a great game for young children and the older “children” (being my husband and I and even aunts and uncles from time to time). It’s a battery operated elephant that blows little butterflies up into the air. Each person has a butterfly net and the object is to catch as many as you can, or to make it even trickier, only catch your colour butterflies. The most fun part is hearing the kids giggling!

  16. Milika says

    On cool afternoons we love to play “french” cricket. Between ankle and knee is stumps.
    Once we run out of daylight we head inside for some board games. Current favourite is Articulate.

  17. says

    Balloon tennis is a favourite in our house. We make a net out of some chairs and a camper mattress then up goes the balloon and we have to try and keep it in the air as we hit it with our hands from one side to the other. Lots of family fun as we team up two against two! Daddy would be out numbered if we did boys v girls!!!

  18. Trish says

    We have a few games we like to play that are fun…when we get a blackout we play a game that is where u go through the alphabet starting at a then b then c etc and u have to name an animal then we choose other catagories a-z and play this game for ages to keep ourselves entertained…also we love playing hangman together, another favourite is writing stories adding a new line each so first person writes first line then the next then the next and u end up with a really funny creative story…hard to choose a favourite really as we also play a lot of board games too…my daughters fav lately is some new card games we bought her Rat-a tat Cat and Sleeping Queens they won awards for toy of the year..and they r soooooooo much fun we all get a laugh out of playing them together and Sleeping Queens was actaully invented by a 6yr old girl…(clever!)

  19. Georgie says

    We love playing “What’s The Time Mr. Wolf” I grew up playing this at school and my 3 who are 6, 4 & 2 love it too! You can play it inside or out, you pick somebody to be the wolf and they stand facing a wall with the others 10-20 paces back from the wall. The others shout “What’s the time Mr. Wolf” to which the wolf spins around and says the time (4 o’clock, 2 o’clock whatever they choose) then the wolf turns back while the others take a pace forward towards the wolf for every hour while calling out the pace number (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.). When the wolf decides the others are close enough to catch and they ask “what’s the time Mr. Wolf” the wolf responds “Dinner Time” to which the others scatter away from the wolf as quickly as possible while the wolf tries to catch somebody. Whoever gets caught by the wolf is the next “wolf” We have so much fun running all about the house or garden with lots of giggles, and it teaches the little ones their numbers too :)

  20. Alissa says

    My son is 1.5 so our family games are limited to that age. We do like building Lego towers together and knocking them over! :)
    Growing up we all loved to play a game of French cricket in the backyard. It was a less “team” and more “family togetherness” way of playing and we loved it.

  21. Fiona says

    We always play French Cricket on Christmas Day and Boxing Day in our household…shame we weren’t able to this year because of bad weather :(

  22. Rachael Ledwich says

    “Daggy Dancing” Due to the age of our girls 18 months and 4 years our family games aren’t overly complicated. Bad loud music and any dance you like. Im a fun of the sprinkler my daughters like to do the fairy and ballet. My husband style is anyones guess.

  23. Chris says

    Remember the TV gameshow “It’s a Knockout” from the early 80’s I think. Well we adapt if for a fun game with the kids, can be played in teams or use a timer to see who gets the best time. Set up a fun circuit eg: run to the fence skip around the clothesline, at the line pull a towel off and fold it (gets folding done too!!!) First across the line wins. Kids love it and can be adapted anywhere – beach, pool, park!

  24. Olivia says

    my girls (2 and 4) love to play treasure hunts. i have a couple of sets of cards – one for inside and one for outside. with things like: find something:
    a book about a dog
    circle shape
    yellow flower
    i write the words but also draw pictures and the girls get a card each (from the same set) and see who can find the things first.
    the cards can be used over and over and you don’t have to hide anything(as long as you make it generic enough).

  25. roweina taylor says

    definitely marco polo in the pool with hubby and i and our 3 boys and our other favourites are backyard cricket and football… so much fun!

  26. Rachel says

    In this household it’s a good egg and spoon race when i was at a market shopping i found this cool set for egg and spoon races and my kids love palying it as do me and hubby.

  27. Jayde says

    Favourite team game in our house is soccer at the moment. Our 3 year old has just started playing and our 19 month old LOVES chasing and kicking the ball as well. Many a happy hour is spent outside running and kicking!

  28. Yolande Sellwood says

    I try and balance between the team games and the individual play, the hpye followed by the calm. With all this rain, it’s been perfect time to bring out all the family favourites. Over Christmas there was many a board and card game, but one that the kids come up with and design themselves has been the backyard obstacle course. They all contribute to the set-up and then devide into teams, sometimes with my intervention to make things a little more even, and then they go for it. Sometimes it’s timed, sometimes with arms behind their backs, one-legged, etc.

  29. says

    Play under the sprinkler
    make a cubby with old sheets on the clothes line or swing set
    play dough on the table out the back
    a big bucket or tubs of water and lots of containers
    make fruity ice blocks
    put up a tent in the back yard and have a camp out
    have a picnic in the back yard
    draw a chalk road on the driveway or footpath and drive matchbox cars around
    paint the fence/wall with water and an old paint brush
    Have a movie night at home with a DVD and popcorn
    water pistol fight

  30. Kym says

    Since my child, almost children are young we haven’t been able to play team sports but we love playing bubbles altogether. This movie pass would be great for my family as Grandma and Grandpa can take my oldest to the movies to get out of the house when baby 2 comes along.

  31. Daniella says

    Cricket on the beach. Hitting the ball into the water and diving for the ball on a hot summer’s day. Teams are played in two ways, 1. young versus older and/or 2. boys versus girls!

  32. Nikki Hanley says

    The boys got a basketball hoop for Xmas, so our favorite at the moment is one on one. (good way for mum to get some exercise – lol). The other favorite is doing a treasure hunt. We write clues and hide them around the house (I have colour coded the clues so i can make some easy and more challenging – a different colour to suit the different ages). at the end of the hunt, you can have treats, a board game to play, an afternoon tea picnic set up, movie tickets – the options a endless. Mix it up and have fun.

  33. Jenny Finch says

    In our male dominate family there aren’t too many games that Mum can best the boys at. Boys vs Girls Stacks On, Wrestling, Footy, Soccer etc always seems to end up with Mum at the bottom of the pile!!! :) (loads of fun and laughter) When it all comes inside however I find I can get a win in with a great family game called Blokus. The boys got it for Christmas and while we were flood bound in Dalby we had some great games of it together. There have also been calls from the lounge for Mum to help get past an level on the Xbox even from Dad!!! Oh and I still hold the high score on both the Bopits!!! Girls rule!!!

  34. Jenny Finch says

    In our male dominant family there aren’t too many games that Mum can best the boys at. Boys vs Girls Stacks On, Wrestling, Footy, Soccer etc always seems to end up with Mum at the bottom of the pile!!! :) (loads of fun and laughter) When it all comes inside however I find I can get a win in with a great family game called Blokus. The boys got it for Christmas and while we were flood bound in Dalby we had some great games of it together. There have also been calls from the lounge for Mum to help get past an level on the Xbox even from Dad!!! Oh and I still hold the high score on both the Bopits!!! Girls rule!!!

  35. Melinda says

    Instead of family movie night, we all ended up on a spontaneous ‘family cane toad hunting trip’. The kids had the best fun hunting them down with torches while Dearest Daddy had the honour of catching them….20 and counting! The kids want to go out again (we have a large yard) tomorrow night!

  36. Charm says

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