Wood Picture

Changing the base material can put a spark into an otherwise ordinary activity. My kids thought drawing on a wood rather than paper was awesome! They loved it!


Wood off -cut (untreated)

Crayons or pens

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    Totally agree, Kelly. If we can provide kids with variety of tools and experiences, I believe we’ll see their own natural creativity take over as they experiment and combine in new ways.

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      Exactly. You know, I didn’t even think of drawing on the wood. The kids did. Someone gave them some off-cuts and they decided to make wood pictures. LOVE IT! And it’s easy to sit up on a dresser too rather than having a million things on the fridge. 😀

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    Oh I love this, brings back memories of drawing pictures with crayons on the fence posts at my Grandparents farm when I was little. We ended up with lots of little ‘cities’ that our dolls would trek to 😀

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    It’s really obvious that your kids had fun with this – it’s such a sweet picture! I wonder if it felt ever-so-slightly naughty – like drawing on the walls?

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    I love this! I can’t wait for my kiddos to be interested in something like this! They just aren’t into the creative sort of thing….yet……a great idea to store away for the future! Thanks!

    And thanks for visiting Mom is the Only Girl!

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    That’s a cool way to change it up. I remember when I was a kid I once got a wooden postcard. I don’t know if they still make those but it would be fun to find one for your kids.

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    Changing the base material is something that just never occurs to me, but now I have a use for the offcuts Princess’ boyfriend gifted her for her birthday :)

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