Paper Dolls

What fun can be had with a bit of paper cut out into the shape of a doll!

1.  Decorate with pencils and play “Mums and Dads” like this pair.

2.  Make a family line for the wall like my older daughter did.

See what your child can do with paper dolls.

Note: For best results, print out on thick gsm paper or glue paper on cardboard.

Paper Dolls Free Printout (click for PDF file)

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I’m joining in with Childhood101 We Play. If you want some inspiration for play activities, Childhood101 is the place to be.

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  1. says

    I love all the different paper dolls in the family line :) And the faces in that upper right photo are too cute!

    And yes, I have found with paper crafts and children heavier paper is definitely the go!

  2. says

    The paper dolls look fantastic! – I cut out paper ‘dolls’ for the kids to decorate as Daddy and we stuck them in his Fathers Day card. He loved them and Neevah was so proud it was very cute :)

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