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School holidays are here!  Our family isn’t going away but I have planned a fun time for the children. Art classes, train ride, bike riding, visiting friends and just hanging at home is what our break looks like.  If you are looking for ideas to keep your child/ren entertained for the school holidays, you can search previous posts here on Be A Fun Mum.  Below you will find posts related to play, activities, holidays and fun.

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Family Fun: Creating family bonds that last a life-time.

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Holidays: Because holidays are about creating memories of an overwhelmingly happy childhood.

Play Activities: Reclaiming a carefree childhood filled with imagination, exploration and common sense.

Simple Cheap Easy: Activities you can do with your child from your home with little, or no preparation.


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How I Be A Fun Mum on the school holidays.

  • Plan day trips
  • Stay home
  • Visit friends
  • Go to parks
  • Let the children stay in PJs all day on home days
  • Drop my standards on the state of the house
  • Have drawing supplies stocked

I recommend these external links for school holiday ideas.   

External Links

BYO Kids: Find a playground, plan a holiday, or anything in-between.

Kidspot: Loads of school holiday ideas.

Blog roll: My blog roll has links to great blogs, filled with wonderful ideas for the school holidays.

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  1. says

    Thanks for the tips 😉

    Although, I don’t think I should take your advice on dropping the standards of the house, it is already a little scary! Might be a good time for us to put things back together a bit LOL


  2. says

    Great father’s day card idea that isn’t too fiddly for little fingers. Fathers day is June here but I will keep this idea at the ready.Thanks for all the great tips

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