Panadol & Nurofen = 3D City Skyline Craft

I’ve found something positive about headaches. Empty medicine boxes make for this cool 3D City Skyline Craft.  I was inspired by the Love and Lollipops Blog.


Empty medication boxes of varying sizes

Box or canvas for base


Paint & Paint Brushes


Paint the backdrop as per the diagram below (or anyway your child likes)

Glue the boxes above the road

Paint the boxes (if the boxes are shiny, wrap them in white paper before gluing) 


It would be extra awesome if this craft was done in conjunction with a trip to the city. 

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  1. says

    I wanted to do that with our Paper ity that we made but it was too small, Next time I am going to increase the size so we can make it 3D too. Making citiesis such fun! :)

  2. says

    Fun! I like the idea of a trip into the city too – you could really get into quite a few activities with playing/ learning about cities.

  3. says

    I love this, we may have to do something soon, we have an episode of Sesame Street where they make the most amazing cardboard box city and my daughter was watching it fascinated earlier today. This looks like a great way to start.

  4. says

    Great tip on wrapping the boxes before painting them. So simple but I have never thought of this and our boxes can come out looking a little patchy! I love to use objects from around the house in our craft so I loved this idea…

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