Balloon Fight Fun

Simple-Cheap-Easy Activity

1. Materials: newspaper, masking tape and a balloon.

2. Roll a section of newspaper

3. Tape roll together along entire roll

All that is left to do is blow the balloon up and let the fight games begin.  I must warn you, this is a fun but LOUD activity. Disclaimer: Enjoy in small doses.

Loud Fun Game ideas: 

 Hit the balloon - Roll a pair of socks and play golf or baseball – Sword fight (obvious rules apply) – Balloon soccer – Snowball fight using rolled pairs of socks with teams on either side of a bed – Light Saber - French Cricket  - Perfect for Party Games

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  1. says

    Another idea … have a snowball fight with rolled up pairs of socks … a team on either side of mum and dad’s bed … great fun!

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