Nature Hunt

Chatting over a coffee without interruptions is a thing of the past for mothers with young children.  Does that mean ‘doing coffee’ stops? Of course not!  My sister and I often meet at a park with take-away coffee.  We keep our children busy doing a nature hunt, gathering and bringing back bits and pieces they’ve found around us.  It keeps their hands and minds busy, in a positive way, so we can catch up.

Try asking questions: 

Can you find me a stick? ** Oh, I think we need a rock now. ** Can you find 10 leaves?

Children love it, and Mums can snatch snippets of talk between treasure finds.  It’s what Mums do, isn’t it?

“Wise mamas don’t give up the things they loved pre-kids, they just find new ways of doing them!” — Cath (SquiggleMum)

Take it home idea from Mon: The kids could make a collage out of the things they’ve collected when they get home as part of their recount of their day out. Lots of fun with glue!

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  1. Mon says

    What a great idea! The kids could even make a collage out of the things they’ve collected when they get home as part of their recount of their day out. Lots of fun with glue! :-)

  2. says

    You might also like to try some open ended questions! I was having a chat to a gifted and talented specialist on Thursday and she was encouraging me to provide questions for children that have more than one answer. For exampe…
    You’re looking down. What’s up?? :-)

  3. says

    This is fun, we do something like this with our Brownie Guides here, a scavenger nature hunt or sometimes they have to find things starting with different letters. I loved these kind of things when I was a kid.

    Have a lovely day,

    • says

      He mentions it at about 5:38 on the YouTube. It goes by fast, but it is clear and un.olivqcaueI don't know if it's a sad measure of progress or not, but the suicide rate has always been sky high among gay kids. People are just now beginning to notice and to miss what they have always been losing.

  4. says

    We meet in the park on a regular gathering… with a flask! The kids play happily and we chat happily.
    Last week they all found treasure (broken jewellery etc)
    I’m liking the idea of a nature hunt…

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