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Leanne Power, author of You Are Sooooo Beautiful, made a striking discovery. Although being intelligent, athletic and successful, she never fully understood the meaning of ‘real’ beauty.  Then came a moment of time, when Leanne was forced to strip away all the social-conditioning about what a woman should be and look like, and You Are Sooooo Beautiful was born. Leanne is also a proud mother, and is passionate about teaching children, and adults, about true beauty.

“True beauty isn’t the collection of unrealistic physical ideals that the media loves to promote. True beauty is embracing who you are at your very core.”

– Leanne Power

The A4 sized hardcover book, is illustrated in bright and bold images by Jared MacPherson.  The book is written with a strong message, woven into an appealing story for children.  This creates a wonderful handbook for teaching of one of Life’s lessons: self-esteem. Adults too, could  benefit from the simple idea of being who you are; simple yet often hard to grasp in an environment of vast external pressures.

The You Are Sooooo Beautiful story follows Marley Rae’s journey from birth to adulthood.  Through the mentorship of her Aunt, Marley Rae discovers beauty in herself and nature around her. The repetitive “You are sooooo beautiful” is an anticipation winner with children coupled with the endearing cupping-the-face-in-hands image appearing on the front cover. Marley Rae’s confidence and transition into adulthood is a quality many parents would like to see their children achieve.

The book’s message echos many of my own beliefs.

  • The importance of family

  • Be who God made you to be

  • Shine where you are, or as my Mum used to say, “Bloom where you are planted

  • Respect others

  • Don’t change yourself to fit the world’s standards

  • See beauty in nature

“Be who your truly are on the inside and encourage others to do so too.”

– Excerpt from You Are Sooooo Beautiful


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Would you like a copy?  You can buy it here or I have one to give away.

To have a chance of winning a copy of You Are Sooooo Beautiful, leave a comment below.

The competition is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only.

Valid from Monday 21 June to Saturday 26 June 2010. 

I will draw the winner by random number at 7pm on the closing date.

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7.23pm 25.6.10 Congratulations Kristie!


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  1. says

    I love it! Such an important message to teach and the images look great! As a mother of four daughters it is something I am always talking to them about. I find books are a great way to educate my kids on important topics. Thanks for sharing such a great book.

    • says

      Naomi- thanks for your feedback! 4 daughters – you are amazing! So great to hear that you realize the importance of the message and keep on…hugs! Leanne

  2. Dame says

    This sounds like a powerful book for all ages. I love it how God can use just one person to reach thousands if not more people.

    I strugle with “true beauty” every day. I find it hard to acept my self when this world says ” I have to be skinny to be beautiful ” and unfortantly my partner has the same attitude. He stoped noticing me when I gained weight from having our 1st son and noticed the skinny chicks or the ones that were next to nothing. Trying to explain to him that theue beauty comes fro with in, he does not understand ir sees due to the world we live in and what we grow up in.

    True beauty isnt on the out side but shines from the inside. It doesnt have to be forced or pushed out, it happends naturaly and peacfuly.

    I think if this world would use real size modles and show girls and ladys that size shouldnt and does not matter that this world wouldnt have young girls and women at the age of 6-60 having eating disorders and punishing them selfs for how they look.

    Embrace what God gave you and see the beauty in your self and dont worry about what this world thinks about you.

    True Beauty is what I want =-0)

    Have a blessed day.

    • says

      Thank you for sharing – you are definitely not alone and what a struggle I hear you going through. I hope that even though your husband may not understand true beauty that you will be able to teach your son the real meaning so the cycle is not repeated….
      I love your comment about embracing God. That was a big shift for me in my own journey. It came to me one day that “if I am putting myslef down and not loving myself – I am disprespecting God and our creator” I/we are all beautiful one of a kind masterpieces. I wish you much love for who you are and that you are a shining example for all those around you.

    • says

      Thank you Laura!
      Isn’t it so true – 4 to 104…we could all use a little reminder of True Beauty. The reason that agae range actually came to me is that so many parents are the ones having the “ah-ha” moments and emailing me of the tears they shed while reding the book. So many of us – our mothers, grandmothers etc have never lived this message. I am hoping to impact all generations :) Thx for reading the review! Hugs :)

  3. Tara Waller says

    What a great book!! Such important concepts for girls and women, and one I think we all struggle with at times. Might be one to purchase if I don’t win. Thanks for the heads up on a great product.

    • says

      Tara – thanks for the feedback – for me – even though i have written this book – it is a struggle – BUT – one that i make a concious choice daily to live differently. Keep on working at it and live your true self – it can ONLY radiate beauty if you do so!
      Hugs :)

  4. Amanda says

    Sounds like a great book, I’m always telling my daughter she’s beautiful and we’d love to have a book to read to reinforce it

    • says

      Amanda – thx for reading the review! I am happy to hear you tell your daughter she is beautiful. One suggestion if I may – please make sure you know “her” definition of the word beautiful or beauty. Her definition will very likely be different than yours and if her definition does not match – she may never internalizes the words she is hearing from you. and as she ages, her definitions will change so it is important to keep updated on her definition :) Be sure to share your definition of beautifuk with her too!
      Bug husga nd keep it up :0

  5. Peta Wright says

    This book sounds inspiring and impacting!!!

    I have a 5 year old daughter who, due to peer pressure since starting school this year, does not feel that she measures up to other peoples standards.
    We have begun the lifelong journey of teaching her how wonderful she is and how much is loved, and indeed how beautiful she is to so many around her. I didn’t realise that the self esteem issue began so early in a precious child’s life.

    I had the honour of being in the car last night when my daughter asked her Daddy, “why do you love me Daddy?” His answer came and it warmed my heart… He said, “I love your beautiful curly hair, and your pretty eyes. I love you because you laugh a lot. I love you because you show so much courage and you are so brave. I love you because you try things, even when they scare you or you are unsure.”

    What I loved about my husband’s answer was that he did not solely focus on the physical attributes of our precious daughter, but he took some of the things on the inside and brought them to light. Sometimes, our children need us to help them see what’s on the inside! TRUE BEAUTY!!!

    Thanks for this book review and for letting us all know that books like this are indeed out there!


    • says

      Thank you for sharing your story – so sad but so true how early it all starts with children now. it sounds like you and your wonderful husband are doing a fabulous job. Keep it up!
      Here is a small suggestion that I love doing with my nieces and nephew (and i even do it with my 9mth old daughter) – every night I tell them – “what i loved about you today – or- what was beautiful about you today…”
      It really affirms in them and they start to really look forward to it!
      Hugs :)

  6. Linda says

    How wonderful! It’s always hard to role model this. So, this book would be positive for those reading it to the children also……..

    • says

      Linda – I agree – the dedication actaully on the inside of the book goes:
      “To the paretns of eery child in the world: May you first know and understand the message in this book yourself. May you be a living example of true beauty and may you encourage your children to be who they truly are by honouring and rejoicing in their uniqueness. teach them they are beautifulk masterpieces”.

      Wising you happiness on your journey of true beauty! hugs :)

  7. Christine Bunn says

    Fantastic. I felt very disturbed the other night when I was watching 60 minutes and they was a interview with Paget Mums and their children, where beauty is all on the outside, what you see. It sicken me to see children from 18 months dressed up with full faces of make up etc. This is definitely not the message I want for my children. I always say to my children, “what makes you so beautiful if your kind loving heart.” I would love a copy of the book!

    • says

      Christine – thank goodness for you. :) Oh those pageant shows are horrible – maybe not when the girls are older becasue there is a very strong service component but as toddlers and babies – it seems so wrong. Or perhaps the teachings of it through the parents is what is wrong…….????
      Keep up the positive and loving parenting style that I hear you are saying!
      Hugs :)

  8. Alyssa Nuske says

    Sounds like a great book! As a mother of 3 (soon to be 4) daughters, I’ve been thinking a lot about ways to help them know they’re beautiful, especially as they enter school years.

    • says

      Alyssa – first of all – you are amazing. 4 girls – congrats and yes – you have your work cut out for you in the self esteem department! I am finding more and more that it is at school where things start to take a turn as children are so easily influenced by others. Set a strong foundation for them before they get to school and keep thos communication lines open and available. Books are a great way to open communication about such topics and this was one of the reasons for writing it. tehre didn’t seem to be much in the way of actaully talking about beauty and self esteem and often – we don’t listen to our parents telling us important messages becasue “our parents don’t know anything…hahaha – until we become parents oursleves and realize that they knew EVERYTHING!!! :)

      Hugs :)

  9. Annette says

    I struggled with self-esteem growing up due to being bullied.

    Its great the message about building healthy self-esteem is out there and there are such useful resources for children.

    I don’t have children however I have friends with children who may enjoy the book. I also have a godchild.

    • says

      It seems every day of my life, I am becoming more and more thankful for the things that i have gone through – good and bad…without really struggling with physical self esteem and later and abusive realtionship – this book would have never been. So terrible that you were bullied but I know that becasue of it you will have some very valuable things to teach those children and god child. You are an important mentor.
      Hugs! :)

  10. naomi says

    Sounds lovely – will definately add this one to the book collection – thanks for telling us about it!

    • says


      It is good to hear that people feel the message is important to them – i think the struggle with beauty and self esteem may be at an all time low. The media is portraying beauty as such unattainable traits – did you know that only 3% of the worlds population fits the “mold” that is being depicted right now……
      Lets be the change we want to see….

  11. Claire says

    I’d love a chance to read this. Not having much confidence growing up myself, I’d love to share this with my family

    • says

      Thanks for sharing – I didn’t “get” this message and start living with the concept of true beauty until I was 30 years old. It is still a concious choice that I make everyday to belive in my beauty. That shift in thought and belief is unbelievable in the way feel and therefore radiate. it is never too late and so do hope you have the chance to read it :0

  12. kristie says

    This book is a wonderful idea. Sometimes we all need a little helping hand to remind us we are truly beautiful on the inside.

    • says

      That is so true. The book has a You are sooooo beautiful certificate in it that can be down;oaded off my website. I encourage people to pop those into children’s klunch boxes, under their pillows etc. Be sure to use characteristics that are non- physical :)

  13. Tara Gibson says

    wow, how wonderful is it that children can be encouraged and nurtured through books into believing in their own worth and that they are fine just as they are, i would of loved this growing up , being bullied for many of my school years it would have been very beneficial for me to have this told to me., thank you for sharing this with us :)

    • says


      thanks for sharing and you are I am sure a living example of the message in this book becasue iof what you went through. Unconditional love and acceptance peobably is one of your biggest traits becasue of it. I agree – there was not much out there on this topic and that is why the cycle and struggle has continued on for generations. I hope to start doing my part in stopping this cycle and impacting people “4 to 104”!!!!
      Hugs :)

  14. says

    I have added “Be a Fun Mum” through facebook at the recommendation of a friend, after becoming a mother 6mths ago myself. My style as a mother is “respect” and “self actualisation” and I value anything (especially literature) that can enforce that message to my daughter! :)

  15. Jade says

    Thanks for your post Kell. Our Bible Study topic on Wednesday was You are Beautiful. So your post came at the perfect timing :) Printed it off and shared some of it with the girls. Thanks. (Love you <3)

    • says

      Jade :)
      I love that you are doing such great service :) Thank you.
      ps. there is a “true beauty certificate” that is in the book to be used as a keepsake – you can also download it off my website and use it as an interactive exercise for the next time this topic comes up in your studies :)

  16. Jo Healey says

    I don’t remember my mum ever telling me I was beautiful as a kid, so I make sure I tell my daughter at least a couple of times every day…I want her to grow up feeling special & loved !!

    • says

      Jo, your story is so common – unfortunately…… I think the thing to remember about your mom not telling you is that she was probably never told either…. i am glad to hear you are stopping that cycle. :) way to go!!!
      Please be sure that you know your daughters definition of beautiful because even though you may be teliing her she is – if it does not match the definition that she has created – she may stillnever feel beautiful.

  17. Jo Healey says

    I don’t remember being told I was beautiful as a kid, so I make sure I tell my daughter at least a couple of times every day…I want her to grow up feeling special & loved…!!!

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