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I can’t remember the last time I watched the evening news.  I love reading the paper, but I haven’t done that in a long time either.  There’s a certain nicety about being ignorant of world events; however I don’t want my world to become so small, based around the poos and wees of my children (it can happen), that I lose touch with reality. Keeping up-to-date with current events is hard work for me.

“Isn’t it terrible about the earthquake in Chile?”

“What earthquake?”

Fortunately for me, my husband gives me a run down on events at days end.  I also try and keep up-to-date myself online at ABC News (but Blogs are much more interesting).

Another mention on the lines of losing touch with reality: I’m careful to ‘be aware’ when I’m out with a group of women, where there are mothers and ladies who don’t have children, present.  I’m conscious that, while I and other Mums can talk “wees and poos” for an extended length of time, until you’re a Mum, it may not be all that interesting (goodness, what Motherhood does to conversation topics). I choose to be sensitive and include others in conversation to make sure I don’t lose sight of “The World”. That is, each person’s world or the sister’s daughter’s friend’s neighbour’s aunty’s world or the great world at large or the whole wide world; just the world — alright?

At the end of the day, my family is my world and that’s a precious, precious thing. But not everyone’s world and I respect that.

After becoming a Mother, did you struggle to stay current with everyday news events?

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  1. says

    Yet again, another brilliant, insightful post…echoing my own world… on my “to do” list this month is to find a good news site to keep up to date with “beyond” my family!?! I tried reading the Courier Mail recently but that is so increadibly biased it drives me crazy. I think ABC is a good safe bet, though just then I opened the link there, scrolled down and guess what grabbed my attention first …that’s right…”parenting”!!! And again I have to say I think it’s that terrible sensationalist journalism I hate, the title is “three steps to a thinner child”….though I’m sure the article is more worthy of attention and based on research I see, that title just makes me mad. Much rather read your blog!!

    • says

      Had to giggle Renee. I know what you mean about sensationalist and bais journalism. Drvies me NUTS TOO!! I love having the choice to be ‘picky’ in what media I read — mostly through online sources.

      But it takes work hey: to be aware of issues other than parenting. LOL at noticing the ‘parenting’ — so true.

      You’re good value Renee.

  2. says

    To a certain extent I choose to be “news ignorant”. My almost 5 year old seems to have this gift of completely absorbing all the terrible, horrible, bad news stories that get broadcast all over the 6pm news! And he likes to talk about them! With Marc and I! Not exactly appropriate for his age!!!
    As long as I know what they think the weather is going to be like the following day, that’s all the news I need :)

    • says

      @Meegan, I chose to be news ignorant for years. When I picked up the newspaper or watch the news it seemed that the only news is bad news. Now I enjoy listening to Future Tense and other RN programs on 810, and the news on radio when I drive home from school drop offs. Listening to the news just once a week is more than enough to keep up.

  3. Anna says

    Hi Kelly,

    I really enjoy your posts and really appreciate how well rounded they are!

    I am an Aunty and love all my neices and nephews to bits – I hope to be a Mum one day too, but for now that is not my reality. I am surrounded by many wonderful Mums, but often feel a little inadequate because I can’t join in certain conversations or feel as though my opinion isn’t as valued!

    It was really nice to read this post – and be able to understand how easy it would be (and i’m sure I will do it myself one day) to ‘lose touch’ with the outside world.


    • says

      Thank you for such a lovley comment Anna. I, like you remember times when I felt left out of a conversation for similar reasons. I think this experience has helped me to be more sensitive to others.


  4. naomi says

    Hi Kelly,

    I’m a new reader and love your blog already.

    I agree with every word you wrote! You are so right about recognising the worlds of others. My mother used to say ask 10 x as many questions, as you give opinions – people just want to be valued and heard. It is hard to clamp your own mouth shut and be a listener – something I struggle with!

    I’ve noticed exactly the same out-of-touch-with-the-world state in my own life and have totally ‘missed’ major world events in the last few years and months, something that would have horrified my pre-children self… i used to get my news fix from the radio but all hell breaks loose in my car if no kids cd playing – I blame the wiggles!

  5. Melinda says

    So true! I’ve always wondered why they put the news on at the worst time of the day for parents. Most Sundays after church, my husband and I buy the Sunday Mail and sometimes even the Telegraph, make a coffee and pour all over it while the kids eat lunch and play. Then we go through the TV program with a highlighter looking for a couple of our favourite shows lol. It’s our time to discuss what’s been happening in the ‘News’ and share opinions. We never planned it like that….but it grew to be a delightful ritual.

  6. says

    Fantastic post Kelly!

    As someone who struggled to get pregnant with #1, I admit that I felt quite alienated by some of my mother friends when they talked “mum stuff”. I actually think my friends weren’t too bad about it, but I was very sensitive (and, let’s face it, jealous) at that time. Since this experience I have made an extra effort to involve myself in “each person’s world” (I LOVE how you described that!), and I am concious that people I am with may not be in the situations they are in by choice. Though I can express how much I love being at home and looking after my family, there is no need to alienate my single/ childless friends.

    Regarding the “outside world”, my husband keeps me up-to-date too!

  7. says

    I read all my news on blogs… that’s how I keep up. I haven’t read a single newspaper since I left my job early last year.

    My church helped raise contributions to the Chilean earthquake as we have connections with churches over there.

  8. says

    Yes, I hardly ever get to watch the news – SpongeBob always seems to take precedent. It feels that I’m always out of touch. So I rely on my office mates who are always talking current events to keep up to date.

  9. Alissa says

    I was just having a conversation with my Mum the other day… about how much my world had shrunk since becoming a Mum. I used to say to Mum “My Sis in Law only ever talks about her kids… and their bodily functions…! But now I TOTALLY understand (and Mum reminded me of this!).
    I try to have other intelligent things to talk about other than wees and poos… but sometimes that’s all I’ve got…so I’ve learnt to be very quiet! :)

    • says

      lol I have to quote you on that “I try to have other intelligent things to talk about other than wees and poos — but sometimes that’s all I’ve go; so I’ve learnt to be very quiet”

      Love it!

  10. says

    We are living such similar lives, on opposite sides of the globe! I have enjoyed scrolling down your page, and have related to so many things! From living and breathing potty stuff to the play that took place while you were sleeping. :) Sweet stories.

  11. says

    Isn’t it terrible how quickly we can get behind on the ‘news’ when we’re home with the kids? And then when you’re out in the big wide world you realise you have absolutely nothing to contribute to topical conversations. I try to keep up via smh.com, but even then… I’m like you and rely on my hub to keep us up to date. Of course, I’m aware then that all the news I receive has his ‘spin’ on it and I am powerless to debate him on the finer points. Ah well, can’t have everything.

  12. says

    I keep forgetting to change one of my homepage tabs to a news one. That was the only way I could keep in touch, and not do the “what earthquake?” thing! So at the moment I’m really out of touch unless I have a moment alone in the car when I put the radio on instead of kids songs! Another fabulous post Kell!

  13. says

    It is really easy to cocoon yourself and I know quite a few people that do. I get that busy people often don’t have the time to catch up on the news every day, but I really think it’s something people should try to make time for.

    I love to read the news online with my morning cappucino. It is something I have come to really look forward to each day.

    I also have a hubby who knows far more about world events than me and I love getting him to sum things up for me at the end of the day, even if it is a little biased. :)

  14. says

    Great post! We definitely don’t have the evening news on TV – too many horrible stories on – bombs, fires, car accidents – and Mr.4 is at a very impressionable age with a vivid imagination. Also it gives us time to talk. I must admit I do try to keep up with the news and politics as it keeps me in touch with the ”outside world”. No time for newspapers…am finding Twitter useful in just quickly scanning headlines and clicking on one or two I want to read more about. Alison

  15. says

    In a previous life I actually had to monitor the media, so since I stopped that six years ago, I’ve not been able to look at the news in the same way! Being home with my baby though, and having Foxtel, I actually prefer to watch CNN if I get any time. (No, I’m not a news snob, I promise!) For some reason this makes me feel more a part of the world, and doesn’t give me that same sinking feeling the more traditional ‘six o’clock’ news does at times. And I’m a recent convert to Twitter, which really gives you as much news as you want it to.

  16. says

    We do not get television reception where we live so I rely on ABC Online to keep my news up to date, also a few of my friends on Facebook will post news articles that are of interest to them so that helps a bit. But I acknowledge that I’m woefully behind the times with current affairs. Took my grade one daughter coming home from school one day to tell me about a volcano before I knew anything about that thing in Iceland earlier this year.

    The world could explode and I’d only know when I was hurtling into space.

  17. says

    Total news junkie. When I had my first kid I didn’t have satellite and BBC News 24 was the only channel I could stomach at 3 in the morning whilst up feeding. Daytime- dunno where those went. But nighttime I was right in the thick of it!

    (Second baby, I didn’t get up at all…shhh- just took her in beside me and fell back asleep)

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