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One of my fondest childhood play memories, was at my Grandmother’s green house. The house was full of nooks and different levels and right down the bottom, my Granny kept a box filled with zoo animals. I remember spending hours setting up fences and playing with the animals.  It’s interesting to think back on what play memories stand out in my mind and why.  I was reminded of this memory when my daughter asked for the animal box I had stored high on a cupboard.  You see, I keep some toys stored so they can be rotated.  Perhaps, subconsciously, I had stored the animal box because, in my mind, they are special toys. In any case, my daughter had a lovely time setting up the animals, just as I had done when I was a child.  It made me happy: remembering.

I’d love to hear about your Play Memories.

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    My great grandmother had a little teapot (I think it was made of copper) which she used to brew me little cups of tea in. I still have it packed away somewhere, you have reminded me to find it and get it out for Immy.

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    Just this weekend my husband shared some favorite books he had as a kid with our oldest (5 1/2 years), who was enthralled by the idea that he was reading daddy’s books. I’ve also passed down my dad’s collection of seashells, which are a bit hit with both of the boys.

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    I was wondering whether the photo was you or your daughter at first! So cute. It must have been so lovely to see her enjoying something you used to enjoy. Obviously animal toys are timeless!

    I daydream about sharing my play memories (mostly favourite childhood books – such as Enid Blyton) with my children as they get older. For some reason, I always imagine they will respond negatively! The primary aged children of today seem too sophisticated for “magic faraway trees” etc.

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      I hope too, that my children will love reading Enid Blyton and such. I’m a bit over all this fantasy stuff. My older children LOVE me reading aloud to them – no matter what it is, so I’m pretty sure your children will love sharing that with you Julie. xx

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    my grandmother had long straight joinable cartracks (like hotwheels) We all loved firing matchbox cars down her hallway.
    She’s only just moved into an aged care facility and the tracks have gone to one of my cousins kids.

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