Make Scramble Eggs Tonight, Have Fun Tomorrow

The humble egg carton is a wonderful thing.  Here are three ways to use it:

  If you don’t have painting pots, an empty egg carton makes for a wonderful pallet.  It’s a cheap way to distribute paint, especially if there are a lot of children.

 Compartmentalise glitter, glue and craft bits and bobs for ease of distribution.

 After reading Picklebums fabulous We Play… sorting post, it occurred to me to use the egg carton as a nature sorting tray. Look what we found outside our house.

Make scramble eggs tonight, have fun tomorrow.


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  1. Trish says

    Luv your idea …at one of the schools i work at in Prep – they use egg cartons for the paint also just as u have suggested and they put the paints into bottles with squirter lids so kids can put their own paint into the egg cartons…looks like loads of fun!

  2. says

    Good thinking Kelly! We use egg cartons for paint trays too but to turn them into sorting trays is a great idea. Might have to copy!! I also loved Kate’s We Play post.

  3. says

    I like the idea of the nature sorting tray – a bit like those old “cabinets of curiousities”. And the flowers look really pretty nestled in it – I wonder if it could be a table centerpiece at the end of the day?

  4. says

    Old post I know… 😉 Haven’t had a chance to pop on properlyfor a little while sorry :S

    Love it Kell! We often make ‘people’ with all the egg cup bits that I rip apart individually. We stick on eyes and bits of felt for hair and buttons and whatever we can find! And each person represents a different person in the family. The lid of the egg carton then becomes their ‘car’ and that lasts until it all gets destroyed or the next egg carton comes around 😉

    Such a shame there’s so many egg/wheat/dairy allergies around now that children can’t explore ‘reverse garbage’ type of creativity at playgroups and kinders with egg cartons, cereal boxes or yoghurt containers anymore.


  5. Erin says

    A couple of fab ladies at our play group cut it up so you had two egg parts and put some holes through the side to put in some leg pipe cleaners (3 holes each side) pop some googly eyes on the front, pain to decorate or use glitter glue what every and we made bugs. they were cute and my 2 and 4 y/o loved them :)
    i also use them at home for paint pots or glue pots :)

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