A House Divided – A State or Origin Story

The State of Origin really IS about the state of origin in our family.  Both my husband and I are from Queensland and of course go for The Maroons — all the way.  However, we did live in New South Wales for 5 years and our two eldest children were born there.  I thought, naturally, the children would barrack for Queensland; through their heritage, they could be ‘saved’ from being cockroaches New South Welshman.

When my eldest daughter (Flossie) was four, she decided to cheer for New South Wales (The Blues) because she was born there and her little sister (Scottie) followed suit.  Since then, they have always supported the dark sideThe Blues. Our youngest two children (Cossie and Son) were born in Queensland and thus, are Maroon supporters. So yes, our family is split.

You know what?  It makes me happy that my children are strong and feel free to be who they are. We are a team, but we are also individuals.  This is something I’ve strived for in our family: the freedom to be yourself and know you are loved.  Flossie (now 8) said to me, “I know some people might tease me, but I don’t care, I’m sticking to it; I want to support The Blues.”  And I say, “Good on you babe.  Good for you.”

Being a house divided — has never been so much fun.


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  1. says

    I imagine you get lots of fun taunts during the game!! Have fun tonight. I’m stuck doing assignments. :-(

    Go the might Maroons!

  2. says

    I LOVE the pictures and am already thinking how you made that jagged cut in Photoshop probably?

    This really struck a chord with me, because we are the opposite. My husband is Victorian and I am NSW by birth. When we went to live in Queensland, we started barracking for the Broncos, and by association, with the Maroons. Somehow, even though we live in NSW again, our hearts lie with Queensland. I will be so sad when Darren Lockyer retires – maybe then I’ll switch to AFL!

  3. says

    This is great! Though I’m not from Australia, I am from the US and a part of a family split between two rival baseball teams. It’s so much and I couldn’t imagine being with a family that supported the same teams.

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