Easter Egg Craft : New Life

New Life

Around Easter time, Jesus’ death and resurrection is especially remembered and the symbol of the egg represents new life.

This cracked egg craft is easy and fun.

Materials required

Paddle pop sticks

New Life Egg Template (click here, New Life Egg Template, for printable template)

Sticky tape

Drawing materials

Feathers (optional)


1. Print out the New Life Egg Template.

2. Colour (or glue feathers) over egg and chick.

3. Cut out top cracked egg.

4. Sticky tape two paddle pop sticks together to make a long stick.

5. Cut along dotted line. Tip: to avoid ripping, place sticky tape over line on the front and back before cutting.

6. Sticky tape the long paddle pop stick at the back of the top cracked egg. Tip: I’ve placed a dot on the template as a guide.

7. Insert the long paddle pop stick into the cut section.

8. Done!


Click here for a simple lesson you can do with your own children to enrich this craft and put it into context.

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  1. says

    Thanks Kelly! Great idea to do with Sophia, thank you for being organised enough to have something ready for me to do with her for Easter. The step by step instructions are fantastic.

  2. Benita says

    Thanks Kelly – I love your ideas.

    I think we might have to do this one at my son’s playgroup – the kids will love it!!!!!

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