Christmas Wreath Tree Decoration

Christmas Craft002

This Christmas Craft/Tree decoration is an easy, fuss-free option for kids (and adults!).   You will need the following materials:


plastic eyelets (Used in curtains.  You can buy them from somewhere like Spotlight.)

pipe cleaners (chenilles) in Christmas colours

ribbon (I used nylon knitting ribbon)

Christmas Craft013


1. Wind each pipe cleaner around the eyelet until the wreath is covered.

2. Tie the ribbon in a knot at a point around the wreath circle.  Make a small a bow close to the top of the wreath allowing the ends to run long.

3.  Tie another bow at the ribbon ends so you have two bows; one at the top of the wreath and one at the end of the ribbon ties.

4. Hang the wreath on your Christmas Tree or around your home.

Other uses

* Christmas napkin rings: light up your Christmas table with sparkle.

* Necklace for kids: cut the ribbon a little longer.

* Christmas wrapping: place a wreath on the top of Christmas wrapping for stunning decoration.

wreath 2

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