Nature: A Wonderful Teacher


After spending the afternoon in the park with my son, I felt compelled to write this post. I love the outdoors. One of the reasons for this is I find it hard to relax and focus solely on my children when I’m at home. There’s always an endless amount of housework to do: washing, folding, ironing and cleaning are just some of the distractions. In contrast, when I’m outside in an open space, I feel instantly relaxed and am able to enjoy looking in my son’s eyes. Do you ever wonder when was the last time you really gazed into your child’s eyes?  Well, this afternoon, I gazed into my son’s eyes and what a joy it was.

The outdoors is an educational wonder; a wonderful teacher. In fact, if it were possible, I think most education should happen outside. As my son and I walked along we had the opportunity to talk about colours, textures and shapes, and had many sensory experiences.

We stopped by to look at the yellow flower.


We touched this smooth tree…


…and the rough bark on this one.

My son crouched down in the long ferns that reached his height.

We went noise hunting when we heard a motor roar.  We discovered the ‘mower man’ and he waved at us.

I watched my son jump in the dry leaves that had fallen from the tree.


To top it off, I enjoyed lying in my boy’s lap for a moment. We had a giggle and talked about eyes. Eyes. I took an overdue moment to look in my son’s eyes, as the sun peeked through the trees.


I love the outdoors. God made such wonderful things.

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